What is your return policy?

Please visit our Returns and Warranty page for information regarding our returns policy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally from our warehouse in Colorado. We also have many international distributors across the world that carry our products. Please contact us to find a distributor in your area.

What are the shipping costs?

All orders to the lower 48 states ship free of charge. Shipping costs for international orders will be calculated at checkout and determined based on your location and order total.

How can I change, cancel, or check the status of my order?

Please contact us and our team will be happy to assist you

How do I know what size to order?

You can use our Sizing and Fit Guide to determine the Muffin’s Halo that is best for your dog.

Can my dog sleep with it on?

Yes, your dog can sleep, eat, play, and do all their favorite and normal activities with it on.

Can I leave it on my dog alone at home?

We do not recommend leaving Muffin’s Halo on your dog while he or she is home alone. Additionally, Muffin’s Halo should be removed before putting your dog in a crate for safety purposes.

If my dog gets caught on something, can they escape?

Yes, our wing detaches from the harness and was specially designed this way. We are the only detachable blind dog halo on the market.

Can I put a harness over it to walk my dog?

Yes, your harness will work over Muffin’s Halo to make walks safer and more fun.

Can my dog still sniff the ground and grass with it on?

Yes. Your dog can still enjoy exploring by sniffing the ground, grass, trees and plant life with Muffin’s Halo on.

How long does it take for a dog to adapt to a Muffin’s Halo?

It is different for each dog, but most adapt quickly and get quite excited about it. We find the sooner they bump into something, the quicker the “aha” moment comes. To help them along, you can toss treats into the corner of the room or next to a couch, so that as they retrieve the treats they bump into the wall or couch and get redirected by the Halo.

What do I do if it slides around?

We highly recommend putting on a high-collared t-shirt or sweater under the harness to hold Muffin’s Halo in place better.

Any suggestions for getting a dog accustomed to wearing a Muffin’s Halo? My Dog is struggling to adapt to wearing Muffin’s Halo.

Please start by only putting the harness on your dog. Let them get used to having that on. The harness makes them feel cuddled and eases their anxiety. Once they are used to it, then put the wing and halo on next while having your dog close to a corner, so they can bump into something right away to understand how it works.

How do I clean it?

Muffin’s Halo wings and harness are made of polyester cotton/twill fabric and the halo is a durable, water-resistant vinyl tubing. For the wing and harness, please use a cold water delicate machine wash cycle or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach or dryer. The halo can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Can my blind dog climb the stairs with the halo on?

Most can as they learn to hold their head higher up to prevent the halo from hitting the stairs.

Are the wings heavy? Are the wings inflatable?

No, there is a soft, lightweight foam in each wing to absorb any impact, thus creating a bumper-like sensation. That is the important purpose of the wing.

Can the wings be removed?

Yes. Our wing detaches from the harness and was specially designed this way. We are the only detachable blind dog halo on the market.

Can I attach a leash to this halo?

Yes! Muffin’s Halo comes equipped with a "D-ring" on the harness that enables you to easily attach a leash.

For those with multiple dogs at home, how did they react to the halo bumping into themas your blind dog maneuvered throughout the house?

In most cases, the other dogs got out of the way or learned quickly that they need to move to avoid having the halo bump into them.

What is the halo made of? Will it scratch furniture?

The halo is made of vinyl tubing that has the appropriate gauge wire inside. It does not scratch furniture.

Can you adjust the size of the halo?

Yes, you can adjust it by standing over your dog and place both hands on each side of the halo. You can pull it outward to make it more rounded on the sides, which shortens the length in front. You can also push it inwards on both sides to make it longer in length in the front. Just be sure the halo always reaches out past the tip of your dog’s nose.

Is it sturdy enough to allow my dog to push through his dog door and go outside by himself?

Yes. Our halos are made out of durable, water-resistant vinyl tubing which allows dogs to easily open doors on hinges or with opening devices.

My dog passed away and I have a Muffin’s Halo to donate? Can you recommend a place I can ship it to for another blind dog in need?

We partner with Second Chances for Blind Dogs. We recommend reaching out to them for donations.