Marla Wears A Halo

Marla may be blind but she finds a wonderful purpose in life – spending time with children as they practice their reading skills. Follow Marla’s journey from a farm to Fredericksburg, Virginia as Marla opens her Happy Adoption Day gift, a Muffin’s Halo. A true story about a beautiful blind white standard parti poodle and her forever friend, Betty the Boxer.

There is a big surprise in this book that will melt your heart :)

In Marla Wears A Halo, Marla Beagle tells the tale of her dog’s life – A standard poodle, named Marla, rescued from a farm by a compassionate trio – a local enforcement official, a veterinarian, and boxer rescue group volunteers. Although Marla ultimately loses her sight, she perseveres and shares her time and life-story with children and adults. You will find Marla at a children’s summer program listening as they practice reading skills, visiting 250 second-graders, or spending an evening with a special-needs adult class. No matter the disability, Marla wants everyone to know that animals can adjust, and life will still be fun! (The last sentence of the book is in braille).

National Federation of the Blind of Virginia and Volunteers for the Blind (VFB), Fredericksburg, Virginia, and VFB interns were instrumental in printing braille for the book. Holly’s mother always felt strongly about the calming influence animals have on children. “Marla Wears A Halo is a charmingly endearing book. I’m glad that children will be exposed to braille. It plays an essential, critical role in literacy for everyone who is either totally blind or has significantly limited vision,” said Holly.

Carol McElhaney Shelton writing as Marla Beagle, was born in the City of Alexandria and grew up in Yacht Haven Estates, Mount Vernon District, Fairfax County with her first standard poodle named Pierre. Carol and her husband are committed to helping dogs by transporting, sheltering, locating forever families, and donating a portion of each book sale to a non-profit animal rescue organization at the end of each month.

Hartwood Pet Lodge LLC, a rescue lodge, is in Stafford County, Hartwood Virginia, just a few miles from the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Carol enjoys reading to children at schools, libraries, summer schools/camps, preschools, and supporting fundraising events for non-profit animal rescue groups.

Purchase the children’s book, Marla Wears A Halo, and $10.00 will be donated to Second Chances for Blind Dogs non- profit organization (SCFBD), whose mission is to supply blind shelter/rescue dogs with Muffin’s Halos. Those who volunteer with SCFBD, believe that when blind shelter/rescue dogs are provided halos, they have an improved chance of being adopted whereas the adopter can see the dog’s full potential navigating with a halo. In Marla Wears A Halo, Marla a blind standard poodle who wears her Muffin’s Halo, finds a wonderful purpose in life. Families will love Marla and her forever friend, Betty the Boxer – A true rescue story.

Please purchase your copy today at or call 540.841.4260. You can also contact Carol Shelton aka Marla Beagle at

Blessings for Blind Dogs,

Silvie Bordeaux

(My greatest hope is this book gets to many children and schools to bring forth awareness for Blindness) #BlindDogsRock!