How To Help Your Blind Dog Feel Safer At Home

Losing one of your senses is a scary experience, especially for animals who don’t fully understand what’s happening to them. Proper care and nurturing will help your dog feel better about their situation, but unfortunately, their lives will never be the same. In order to help your dog feel more comfortable, there are few things you’ll have to do to keep your pet safe while they’re at home. In today’s blog, Muffin’s Halo, the producers of the best blind dog bumper collars, will go over a few things you can do to help your blind dog feel safer at home.

Keeping The Furniture In Place

Because your dog can no longer see, or has a very hard time with seeing, one of the best things you can do for them is to keep your furniture the way that it is. When your dog becomes accustomed to the layout of every room you let them in, they’ll have a map of where everything is in their minds. This way they won’t have to see in order to navigate a room, as experience will have already told them where everything is. However, when you move things in a room, that will completely throw off your pet and force them to have to relearn their environment once again. Keeping your furniture where it is will help your dog’s confidence while they’re at home.

Move Any Dangerous Objects

Much like baby-proofing your home, if your dog goes blind, you’ll want to remove any and all dangerous objects from their path. You may also want to move any breakable items from the ground level or on tables and displays that your dog may accidentally bump into. Things like vases, art, pottery, sharp or pointed angles on furniture, and more can all pose a threat to your dog after they lose their sight. Move what you can, and then wrap tough or dangerous corners in materials like bubble wrap. You can also put up safety gates to help keep your dog out of places you don’t want them to get into.

Get A Bumper Collar

A bumper collar for blind dogs is a great way to protect your four legged friend no matter where they go, and the Muffin’s Halo is one of the best blind dog bumper collars on the market. Made from lightweight materials, the Muffin’s Halo won’t weigh your dog down or tire them out when they wear one. The halo is also detachable, so if your dog ever gets stuck, you can help them by simply removing the halo part of the bumper collar. The Muffin’s Halo comes in numerous sizes, colors, and designs, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your pooch. They’re also recommended by several veterinarians to help your dog build confidence and get back to a normal way of life.

If you’re looking for one of the best blind dog products on the market, then the Muffin’s Halo is perfect for your pet. Learn more about Muffin’s Halo, shop our collection of harnesses for blind dogs, or contact Muffin’s Halo today to answer any questions about our company or our products.