How to Help my Blind Dog

In our last blog post, we began to talk about a few of the things that you can do help your blind dog adapt to this change. We were able to mention a few of the ways that you can prepare for this change, but there are still things that you can adjust to ensure they are comfortable. Let’s dive right into it so that you can continue to ensure your pup is comfortable.

Proof Your Home

As you may have assumed, this change is going to require for you to make some changes within your home so that your dog can move freely. Having a routine, as we mentioned, is a great way to get them in the swing of things, but it can require more work than that. If there is furniture that ‘s in the way or that your dog is likely to run into, try and organize it in a way that will be easier for them to navigate around.

Products like Muffin’s Halo also make it easy for your pup to get around without hurting their head or doing any damage to their eyes. These types of products can be extremely helpful especially in those first few months of your pup adjusting to this new lifestyle.

Leave Sounds On

If you’re going to be gone for longer periods of time, do your best to try and leave the television or a radio on. Having even a little bit of sound for your pet can keep them calm in the times that you’re gone, which will be challenging as they adapt. Many dogs that go blind experience large amounts of loneliness early on, but these ambient sounds can make it easier for them to let their guard down and feel even the slightest bit more relaxed.

Stay Consistent

We talked a little bit about how a routine can be beneficial to a blind dog becoming comfortable again in their home, but consistency is just a little bit different. When we talk about consistency, we’re really talking about the placement and structure of your home and how it’s catered to your pup. For example, the food and water dishes should always be in the same place so that your dog is able to find them. If you’re constantly moving them you’re only making it more difficult for them to get adjusted — so do your best to be consistent.

Invest in the Right Products

Being blind will be a major change for your dog, but it doesn’t have to be life changing in a bad way. There are so many high-quality products that make it possible for you to give your dog the life they deserve, one of them being Muffin’s Halo. If you’re looking for solutions that make it easier for your pup to get comfortable to this significant change, browse our selection of guides for blind dogs. You’ll be thankful that you invested in this product when you realize how much of a game changer it is for a dog that’s struggling to adapt.