How to Help a Blind Dog

Imagine a little angel always sitting on your baby’s shoulder. Your furry pal might be suffering from an ailment or weakened senses, such as sight, as he (or she) ages. You then begin to think about how to ensure your pet’s safety and how to help your blind dog adjust. This is where a halo for dogs comes in quite handy.

How a Halo for Dogs helps a blind dog adjust?

Halos for dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Halo’s are specially designed to fit your dog so he doesn’t hurt himself when obstacles or other objects are around. If your blind dog begins losing his sight, he will have a harder time seeing furniture, pointy plants, or might need help with stairs and that could potentially leave him with an injury if he unexpectedly rushes into it.

A halo works to keep your dog out of harm’s way. It extends beyond the dog’s head to ensure that wherever they are, any objects in the area don’t present any danger. If a dog wearing a halo is walking near the corner of a couch, for example, the halo will hit the couch first. This prevents injury to the dog and lets your pet know that there are things around him he’ll need to be careful with.

As time goes by, this will also help the dog create a mental blueprint in his mind. Your furry friend will remember where these objects are in the future and where he should avoid stepping if he’s looking to avoid an uncomfortable collision.


Measuring a Halo for Dogs

If you’re considering a halo at this time, it’s important to ensure you have your dog’s measurements so you can obtain one that’s the right size. Halo’s come in all sizes for all types of breeds. The measurements you take will determine which one best fits your four-legged friend and offers the most protection.

To get these measurements, you’ll need a measuring tape and, of course, your dog. He’s the big star this evening. If your dog proves fidgety at all during the process, be sure to have a few treats in hand so you can reward him. Measurement taking is not always going to be comfortable for a dog, especially one that’s having trouble seeing.  The presence of treats and your gentle voice will make him feel safer and less invaded.

  • Grab your tape and wrap it around your dog’s girth. This is typically around the back and the largest portion of the belly.
  • From there, measure around your dog’s neck.
  • Then from the tip of the nose to the back of the ear. This will help you to determine what size Muffin’s halo your best friend needs.

Halo for Dogs Next Steps

A halo comes equipped with a harness and what’s known as a “wing.” The harness goes on first. Be sure to place it as close to the back of the head as possible. It then gets wrapped around your dog’s chest and front legs. Then, take the halo and strap it into the wing. The latter is fitted onto the back of your dog—as close to the neck as possible to ensure stability—and with the halo extended outward at upper eye level. Your dog is now ready to explore the world without fear.

halo for dogs offers a “heavenly presence” over your dog at all times, ensuring his health and safety.

If you’re looking to keep your dog safe and sound as they adjust to an ailment, contact Muffin’s Halo at to understand how we can help.