Helping Your Dog Adapt To Blindness

Dogs are a true blessing to us and we often wonder what us humans have done to deserve the unconditional love dogs show us each and every day — and we can only try to provide the same care and affection to them when they need it most. Muffin’s Halo understands how hard it can be to see our dogs age and experience health issues that is beyond our control. As a dog owner, you feel helpless and you probably find yourself searching for any way possible to make your dog comfortable and help them adjust to their new way of life. In fact, it’s that very scenario that inspired Muffin’s Halo harness for blind dogs. We knew there was a better way to help our sweet toy poodle, Muffin cope with his blindness. We saw a significant improvement in how happy he became that we knew we had to share the aid for blind dogs we are so proud of.

If you are a proud dog owner who is devoted to the long term care and health of your beloved furbaby then you’ve come to the right place. Muffin’s Halo is committed to helping dogs regain their independence and happiness once blindness occurs. If you’re looking for an effective (and totally adorable) solution to help your dog move about, visit our online store and shop the leading harness for blind dogs today!

Help Your Dog Cope With Our Harness For Blind Dogs

To be completely honest, dog owners are the ones who generally need more adjustment than dogs. Animals are surprisingly very resilient and find ways to adjust rather quickly. But with a few adjustments around the house and to our own lifestyles, your pup will be back to his silly self in no time! If you’re looking for ways to help your dog safely adjust and cope with recent blindness, keep reading! Below we’ve prepared a few helpful tips that will make the transition a little smoother for you and your pup.

Safety Proof Your House

If your dog has completely lost his eyesight, initially it will be a frightening experience for them, as it would be for anybody! Your dog will walk around feeling lost and confused trying to regain their sense of direction, inevitably bumping into walls and furniture. Their minor bumps can lead to injuries if we don’t take the precautionary measures to prevent them from happening. While our blind dog harness works perfectly to navigate through the house and outdoors and prevent bumps, your dog is still exposed to sharp objects that could also cause injury.

Take several walks throughout your home and yard and look for any sharp, hazardous objects, stairwells, or corners of furniture that they could potentially run into. Add a cushion over it or remove it completely as your dog is working to regain his sense of direction. With the help of our blind dog harness your dog will adjust quickly!

Avoid Rearranging Furniture

Dogs are incredible as it is, and surprisingly enough their eyesight is not a primary dog sense. Their ability to create a mental map based on their sense of smell is nothing short of amazing. To help your pup memorize his surroundings, avoid moving furniture around because this will cause confusion and increase their chances of getting injured. Leave everything as is until they seem more comfortable and confident. If and when you decide it’s time to rearrange the furniture, do so little by little to avoid confusion.

Change How You Communicate With Your Dog

Once a dog loses his eyesight, the way they communicate with us changes, which means we need to change how we communicate with them. It’s common that dogs will become more sensitive to sounds and touch, as well as becoming fearful and more on edge. Using positive reinforcements and talking to your dog will help them feel safe in their new situation. If your dog was your little shadow and followed you throughout the house, chances are this habit will continue despite the blindness. In this case, speak to them in a positive tone. This works like a guidance so they know to follow the familiar sound of your voice as you move about the house.

Help Them Use Their Other Senses

A dog’s sense of smell is their strongest sense and they will rely on this for much, if not all, of their day-to-day routine. To help your dog associate smell with areas throughout the house, you can try to spray three different scents in areas like where their water bowl is kept, their crate or sleep spot, and the backdoor. Over time, this will be embedded into their mental map and may not be necessary.

We here at Muffin’s Halo hope you’ve found this blog helpful. If you’re looking for the best bumper collar for blind dogs, look no further than the blind dog halo from Muffin’s. Our harness for blind dogs is designed to keep your dog safe while boosting their confidence. Learn more about Muffin’s Halo, shop our collection of blind dog products, or contact Muffin’s to answer any questions.