Gifts For Blind Dogs With Special Needs

The holidays are here and with them comes good cheer and happiness. To spread even more good cheer and happiness, we partake in giving gifts to one another. These thoughtful presents not only help bring smiles to the faces of our loved ones, but also help them in some way throughout their lives. If you have pets with special needs, such as dogs with SARDS or cats with glaucoma, getting them a gift this holiday season to help them adjust to living with a chronic disease will not only help them feel more loved, it could even help them live a healthier life. In today’s blog, Muffin’s Blind Dog Halo, the providers of the best harnesses for blind dogs, will go over the best gifts you can give your pets with special needs this holiday. Keep reading to get gift ideas for your special needs pet this season.

Scented Toys

If your pet has lost one of it’s senses, such as sight or hearing, chances are the remaining senses will have increased. One of the best gifts you can get for your blind dog or cat is a scented toy. Because the toy is scented, your pet will be able to find it throughout the house in between play sessions. A scented toy will also help your pet build confidence as well as helping him or her feel even more loved during the holidays.

Most scented toys are made from rubber, making them safe for your dog to chew away on. When you bounce or roll these scented toys, the bouncy nature of the rubber makes for a great challenge for your pet to find. These toys also usually have some kind of squeaker in them to help keep your pet’s attention for the life of the toy. There are even scented toys for blind pets that will float in water, so if your nature loving pooch or H20 curious cat love to take their toys in water, you’ll never have to worry about losing them. It also makes the toys easier to clean when they get dirty or ever get a little too scented.

Blind Pet Harness

Becoming blind is a scary experience for any person or animal. But like any good pet owner, you’ll want to do anything and everything you can to help your pet live a healthy and happy life. That’s why an angel wing halo from Muffin’s makes the perfect gift for your blind pet. Not only will this blind dog product help protect your pet from hurting itself as he or she gets acclimated to the surroundings, but it will help your pet build confidence as he or she learns to map out the house with the remaining senses.

The Muffin’s blind dog bumper collar is made from high-quality, durable materials that won’t weigh your pet down. We have sizes that will fit any size dog, from toy breeds to extra large pups; you’ll be able to find a Muffin’s Halo that fits your pooch. We also have cat sized models that will help your feline friend become more comfortable while also keeping him or her safe. Choose your favorite color and design from our online collection to fit you and your pet’s style. A harness for blind dogs and cats from Muffin’s makes the best present for your special needs pet any time of the year.

Puzzle Toys

Much like people, pets can get bored, especially after their sight is lost. Pets crave challenge, whether it’s by hunting something or discovering and entertaining themselves with something new. Puzzle toys are designed to help keep your pets entertained for hours on end as they try to figure out how to get treats or other objects out of them. Choose your preferred size and hide your pet’s favorite treat inside then watch as he or she tries to solve the puzzle and get the treats. Buy multiple puzzle toys and hide them throughout the house to get your pet to hunt and play, helping stave off boredom and giving him or her confidence again.

Our team here at Muffin’s Halo for blind dogs hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for blind dogs this holiday, make sure you get a Muffin’s Halo for your pet. Learn more about Muffin’s Halo, shop our collection of blind dog products, or contact Muffin’s Halo to answer any questions you may have about our company and our blind dog bumper collars.