Does SARDS Affect Anything Other Than My Dog’s Eyes?

SARDS is a disease that’s widely known for causing blindness in dogs, so many automatically label it as a degenerative eye disease, but this isn’t entirely accurate. SARDS is an auto-immune disorder that can affect the whole body. If ignored or left untreated, the ailment can lead to other problems such as lagging digestion and even certain cancers. That’s why it’s important to take your dog to the vet the moment you see signs. While sight loss resulting from SARDS is permanent, there may be tactics pet owners can take to prevent things from getting worse.

Several Health Issues Can Come from SARDS

SARDS can affect other parts of your dog’s body, like the digestive tract. Once diagnosed with SARDS, your baby could find himself suffering from acid reflux, food allergies, vomiting and even stomach ulcers or tumors. It’s important to monitor your dog’s eating habits to better understand if any of these problems occur. Vomiting or regular diarrhea after meals is a sign that whatever’s in your dog’s food and treats is no longer sitting well.

SARDS is also known to affect the urinary tract. Often, the disease can lead to bladder or kidney stones, chronic inflammation or infections, kidney disease and urinary tract tumors. A dog suffering from any of these problems may urinate more often than other dogs. In addition, they’re likely to cry or whimper while relieving themselves due to pain.

Dogs suffering from SARDS are also known to possess weakened respiratory systems. Often, you may see your dog’s nose running consistently throughout the day. They may be asthmatic or have trouble breathing. Trachealis, bronchitis, and pneumonia are also relatively common following a SARDS diagnosis.

The disease may even lead to bone and joint problems in the future. Dogs with SARDS are known to possess swollen joints and suffer from chronic joint aches as they move, which can eventually cause arthritis. Their ligaments may weaken over time as the body fails to absorb calcium and other bone-building nutrients, while fractures and event skeletal tumors can form in extreme cases.

SARDS is not just an eye disease, and while there is no known treatment for the illness, it can lead to other problems if a vet is not in the picture. If you witness signs of SARDS, they should not be dismissed. Consult with a doctor immediately to ensure that other SARDS-related issues do not pop up unexpectedly.

Taking the First Steps Towards Relief

Granted your dog has been diagnosed with SARDS and is experiencing sight loss, he’ll need time to get used to his infirmity. Take steps to ensure his journey is an easy one by equipping him with a halo. The halo takes on the form of a ring and extends beyond the dog’s head to ensure that whatever’s around maintains its distance.

If your dog is moving about the room or the yard, and there are objects nearby that could cause an injury, the halo prevents him from colliding with these obstacles. The dog will feel the light impact of the halo bumping whatever’s nearby. He’ll come to learn that this is an area to avoid and remain cautious while exploring.

SARDS may not be curable, but your love, patience and affection will certainly make your baby’s period of adjustment easier and less stressful.

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