Do All Dogs Go Blind from SARDS?

Dog blindness has many causes, a primary culprit being diabetes. This disease often leads to cataracts and subsequent loss of sight, but while common, diabetes isn’t the only illness responsible. Dogs can also go blind due to other ailments, such as kidney failure, hypertension, and something not fully understood known as Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS).

The Effects of SARDS-Related Dog Blindness

According to Pet MDSARDS typically attacks dogs over eight years of age. Breeds prone to SARDS include dachshunds and miniature schnauzers, while pugs, Maltese, and Brittany spaniels have also shown vulnerability. In addition, SARDS tends to affect female dogs more than males.

One of the scary things about SARDS is that little is known about it. Veterinarians and pet experts have often speculated over what its causes are, which ultimately remains a mystery. For the most part, SARDS appears to stem from cell death in the retina. The rods and cones in the eyes begin to break down, causing lost vision. Some doctors have even suggested that SARDS comes from allergies, though this has not been proven.

Dogs exhibiting signs of blindness may have difficulty meandering about the yard or house. They’re likely to bump int things and could even move slower. Animals may also gain excess weight or require more bathroom breaks.

 No one wants to see their pet suffer, which is why dog blindness—or any other ailment, for that matter—may stir up feelings of depression in both an animal and its owner, but while most blindness is permanent, that doesn’t mean your pet’s quality of life needs to decrease in any way. There are plenty of things you can do to make your blind dog’s daily routines a whole lot easier.

What Can I Do if I Start Seeing Signs of Blindness in My Dog?

If your pet begins bumping into furniture or other items around the room, try to clear up as much space as you can. Giving them more room to frolic and move about will boost the safety of their environment and prevent them from injuring themselves if they’re having difficulty seeing.

Second, be sure to keep an eye on their nutrition and eating habits. Pet MD notes that blind animals tend to eat and drink more, constituting the rapid weight gain. An overweight or obese dog is likely to suffer more health-related issues down the line, so it’s important to ensure your pet gets their appropriate fill and that their food and water intake remains regulated, even if they’re constantly asking for seconds.

Lastly, try to keep their spirits up. Dog blindness can often result in longer sleep periods and less desire to play, but you can keep their spirits alive by introducing them to new toys and smells, so they’ll always remain intrigued by what the world has to offer. Engage with them, and above all, love them, and your dog can still enjoy life as if nothing was wrong.

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