Can a Blind and Deaf Dog Be Happy?

Can blind and deaf dogs ever be truly happy? That depends on many factors, the biggest ones being your level of patience and the amount of time and love you’re willing to dish out.

Blind and Deaf Dogs Are No Different

A dog that cannot see or hear may be less independent and could experience harsher circumstances in their life than one that can rely on all their senses. With that said, there’s no reason for such a blind dog to enjoy life any less than one that can see or hear perfectly.

Let’s look at some basic ideas. Dogs, for starters, are pack animals, and so long as they can be with you or part of a group that gives them the affection they regularly crave, their afflictions shouldn’t get in the way of their happiness. At the end of the day, love is blind and deaf and  the thing a dog arguably looks forward to the most (other than snacks or mealtimes) are those little moments when they can lie on your lap or at your side as you rub their bellies and scratch behind their ears.

The second thing we need to remember is that dogs don’t rely on sight the way humans do. They instead rely more on instinct, so whether they can see your face or not won’t make much of a difference in their feelings or emotions towards you. If a dog can feel your love, it will love you back, and their life will be more pleasant knowing they have someone like you to keep them safe and cared for.

And, of course, we need to remember one big factor. Just because a dog has lost their sight or ability to hear doesn’t mean it’s lost their sense of smell. For a dog, the nose is arguably the most important feature on its face. Our four-legged friends use them to sniff out food, locate toys, discover new areas, and meet others. So long as a dog’s sense of smell remains intact, their life shouldn’t be any less fulfilling.

One of the worst things we can do for a blind or deaf dog is to treat them differently. If your pet suffers from either affliction, don’t let that get in the way of your daily routines. Take your pet to the park; take them on walks and introduce him/her to new toys and treats just as if they were completely healthy. This will spark a newfound interest in your blind and deaf dog and keep their mind stimulated, giving them a reason to wake up and seek adventure every morning. 

How to Tell Your Dog You Love Them?

Lastly, make sure your dog gets the blind dog products and treatment they need to stay alert and in shape. Blind and deaf dogs may require additional medical attention such as eyedrops, but finding the right products and sticking to the right regimens and treatment schedules will keep your dog healthy and vibrant so they can continue to experience the happiness it deserves regardless of its age or infirmity.

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