Must See Transformation! Blind Shih Tzu Faith Before And Minutes After Trying Halo

Testimonials From Our Proud Blind Dog Customers

"Muffin's Halo is an amazing product for blind and visually impaired dogs. I am a professional photographer who also happens to run an animal rescue too. The inventor of Muffin's Halo, Silvie Bordeaux contacted me to shoot photos of the product for her website. I met Muffin during the photoshoot. He is a completely blind dog and Silvie's inspiration to invent Muffin's Halo. Muffin walked confidently and safely around his home. The halo gently would direct Muffin to maneuver himself around when he would walk into walls and furniture while his Halo protected his eyes, face and head from injury. I was so impressed with this product that I instantly became a fan! If you have a pet or know of someone who has a pet who is is losing their freedom due to losing their eye sight or other vision issues, I fully recommend checking out Muffin's Halo to help your pet live better and safer."
Mia A.
“My blind baby was walking into walls and furniture. After a fall down the staircase, I decided there must be a product for blind dogs. I came across Muffin’s Halo Facebook page and instantly contacted Silvie. After all the measurements were emailed she had the halo in the mail pronto. Instantly we loved the quality of this product and it looked adorable on my teacup Chihuahua. Silvie contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. After I mentioned it was a bit big but we were satisfied, she went straight to work to make a smaller halo and vest for my dog. I have a very happy dog without head injuries. Thank you Silvie for a wonderful product and helping all the blind dogs.”
Cindy R.
"I must agree with the other reviews - a Muffin's Halo is simply a must-have for any blind dog. I recently adopted a blind dog who is also deaf - so I couldn't even warn her before she would bump her little head! She also does not do very well on a leash. I had joked with my family that she really needed a little helmet to protect her head - and, low and behold, I stumbled upon Muffin's Halo. The Muffin's Halo has helped her learn her way around my home and the back yard without hurting herself. Now, anytime I take her somewhere new, I put her halo on and she can explore without fear of getting hurt! It's easy to assemble, put on and take with me."
Rebecca B.
When my beloved Marnie went blind, the hardest part was seeing her bump into things. The halo keeps her safe. When she has her halo on, she moves more quickly and I don't have to worry about her hurting herself. Thank you, thank you for inventing a product to keep our precious babies safe.
Pet Parent
Our little Bichon went blind suddenly and was bumping into walls and furniture. His Muffin's Halo helped him navigate the house, building his confidence, and definitely improved his quality of life.
M. M. Moore