Must See Transformation! Blind Shih Tzu Faith Before And Minutes After Trying Halo

Testimonials From Our Proud Blind Dog Customers

"I was just told 2 months ago that my Bichon was blind. I was devastated, I told the vet to put him down and she talked me out of it. I just did not want him to live a life if he had no quality of life. I got home and instantly went to the internet wanting to learn everything I could about blind dogs. I saw the website for Muffins Halos. I felt very relived that all those dogs were being helped by the halo. I got one for Mickey and he is doing GREAT with it. Now I don't have to worry about him hitting his precious head on anything. He does not mind it at all. When I put it on he knows we are going out for a walk. We LOVE it, thank you very much for making such a wonderful item. I don't know what I would do without it!!!!"
Donna B.
"My foster dog, Jul, just received her Muffin's Halo and it is such a blessing for her. Jul is a miniature poodle who is both blind and deaf. She has been moved around so many times that she must feel like she landed on another planet. She really has no idea where she is. It was breaking my heart to see her so lost and confused and just crashing into things, but she hates to be confined and got very upset when I put a soft cone on her to try and protect her head. Right from the start, she had no problem wearing the "halo". It fits her perfectly and is very light weight. Now I can smile when I see her walking around, instead of worrying that she will hurt herself. She also looks so cute in it! I can't thank Silvie and Muffin enough for helping to make the quality of life so much better for sweet Jul."
Jane K.
"This product is amazing for dogs with vision problems. I volunteer with a rescue that helps many special needs dogs and one of my fosters, Popeye, a Shi Tzu mix, was diagnosed with permanent vision loss because he was neglected by his previous owners. Popeye did not do well on the leash and had a difficult time moving around, because he was afraid of bumping into things and there was an incident when he ran into a wall in our house, during a thunderstorm because he was so scared of the noises outside. He has had Muffin's Halo for almost a month now and since then he has become more active and adventurous at my house and at the adoption events. Muffin's Halo has helped him gain more confidence and he has become more affectionate with me and new people. Volunteers also have noticed he is more active prior to him using Muffin's Halo and it is because of this product, I truly believe that he will get adopted because it has helped him emotionally and physically."
Casey B.
I ordered this item for my rather large Rott/Dobe mix. It turns out he was a little too large for the 3xl size and they worked very hard to get one for him to fit. It is a wonderful product, fits him well and has made his life so much easier. I can not thank them enough for taking the extra time and interest in my dog, Beau. He will be able to get out so much more now. No more worries about him running in to things and hurting his face. This is a very high quality product and strong enough to last a very long time.
Pet Parent
Maltese Max
"Maltese Max was surrendered by a homeless person. When I rescued him, he had one eye twice the size of the other eye. We ended up discovering he had painful glaucoma and had to have both eyes removed, however was left with one prosthetic eye. I was told by several people about Muffin's Halo and decided to try it out. I was shocked with how quickly Max adapted to it. I mean you could just literally see how suddenly his head came up and it was like he bumped into things like he normally did , but it wasn't his nose bumping into it, it was his shield. He had like special wings. I actually filmed the moment when he first got it. The images of that speak louder than any words that I could come up with. It's very easy, because when you decide to take the wings off, they're attached by velcro, and he's wearing a little harness that the wings are attached to which he would be wearing anyway to be walked. I would recommend it because it gives the dog a sense of freedom. It gives them their little blind dog super powers. It builds their confidence. It allows them to explore a new space, without actually bumping head on into objects. It makes him feel safer."
Bronwyne M.