Must See Transformation! Blind Shih Tzu Faith Before And Minutes After Trying Halo

Testimonials From Our Proud Blind Dog Customers

"If you have a blind dog, you have no other option to help their quality of life than getting a Muffin's Halo for your furbaby! Our dog Sasha went blind suddenly (the condition is called SARDS) and Muffin's Halo prevents her from smashing her skull into furniture constantly. The Muffin's Halo is like a bumper for her head, just giving her the slightest resistance to move her away from danger. It's an amazing product and I'd literally be in the funny farm if it weren't for Muffin's Halo. Do not accept imitators...this is the real deal, made with love by Silvie and her team. She is doing amazing work and I can't thank her enough for improving Sasha's golden years. Read the Muffin's Halo site and see what a labor of love this is. I've spoken to Silvie several times by phone and she is passionate, compassionate, and the most empathetic person I've ever "met." Thank you, Silvie and Muffin!
Brigette Z.
A friend sent Muffin's Halo for my blind dog A-Rod who had to have both eyes removed due to Glaucoma. A-Rod was bumping into furniture and walls becoming depressed and had anxiety from being blind. Once his Halo arrived and he began to wear it his whole mood changed as he was able to navigate our home with ease. I noticed he was once again his happy self, he gained confidence and felt more secure. This product is a must have for any Pet Owner who has a visually disabled pet. The Halo is light weight and comfortable. I recommend Muffin's Halo and give it 5 stars!
Pet Parent
I adopted a senior toy poodle who is blind. He tried to walk and bonked into everything. I ordered a Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs for him. It took me longer to put it together (about 2 minutes), than it took little Pierre to figure it out. Almost immediately he developed confidence. He goes everywhere. The halo bonks, not his little head. The other dogs in my pack get out of his way so they don't run into his halo. I totally recommend this product. I love watching him explore his world with joy.
Pet Parent
“I agree with all of the other reviews for Muffin’s Halo. This item is simply a must-have for your blind fur baby! Our 12 year old Katie went blind suddenly due to a condition called SARDS. I was devastated as was Katie. She became depressed and it broke my heart seeing her bump and run into things with her sweet little face that I know hurt her! It was so frustrating going through this and not knowing what to do and I refused to give up on her. Then one day my husband and I started searching on the internet for helmets for bind dogs and this is where I found Muffin’s Halo. We searched the website and realized this would be perfect for our Katie, so we emailed on how to get the correct size for her. Silvie herself called and explained to us what we needed to do to get Katie’s measurements. We gathered the measurements an emailed them to Silvie. We ordered Katie’s halo immediately and was kept up to date on the order status via email. Upon arrival of Muffin’s halo, we put it on Katie and she came to life!! It made me cry seeing her run around like she was. It was WONDERFUL to see her happy. I hadn’t seen her this confident in this last couple of years!! So if you have a special needs fur baby, don’t wait!! Call Silvie and get your fur baby their own Muffin’s Halo! You will not regret it! Thank you Silvie and Muffin for making such a wonderful product that helps so many special needs fur babies. Sending many thanks to Silvie, Muffin and the entire team! God bless you all for what you are doing!”
Terri J
“My little “Beau” is a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Beau is now blind and deaf. It broke my heart to see him running into furniture. I couldn’t yell at him to stop because he can’t hear me. I was trying desperately to figure out a way to protect Beau’s face and eyes. I began searching the internet and came across “Muffin’s Halo”. I put it on Beau and watched how he would react. Not only was his face protected but he was able to eat, drink and sleep in his halo. He didn’t have any trouble adjusting to his new halo. He is a very happy pup and I am one satisfied and less stressed puppy owner. I would recommend Muffin’s Halo to anyone who has a blind dog or cat. In fact I think with a few size adjustments…this halo could work for a variety of animals who are either losing their sight or are blind. A huge thank you to Silvie Bordeaux and Muffin Bordeaux for giving my little “Beau” an even more comfortable life.”
Mimi E