Must See Transformation! Blind Shih Tzu Faith Before And Minutes After Trying Halo

Testimonials From Our Proud Blind Dog Customers

I live with two rescued blind dogs and I foster rescue blind dogs. As soon as a new blind foster comes to my home I put a Muffin's Halo on them so they can safely map my home. Blind dogs create a mental map of any new environment and to do this they need to bump into the perimeters and obstacles. Better they bump using a muffin's halo than bang their cornea or delicate nose or head. The posture of a blind dog changes when they are properly fitted with a Muffin's Halo. Suddenly they are able to hold their head up and not keep the nose to the ground the entire time. Imagine if we had...Read more
Bronwyne M.
I am the executive director of a special needs and senior dog rescue. We have found the Muffin's Halos to be very good for our blind and/or senior dogs. The halo helps their confidence in new situations: both getting out of the shelter and adapting to a foster home and the adapting to their adoptive home. The halo is out of their line of vision, so the dogs who have "some" vision are not prohibited from using what little sight they do have. They are lightweight but sturdy. We do not have the halos on the dogs unsupervised because that would not be safe if they got stuck somewhere. The great thing about the halo is that it is very adjustable and the wings detach from the vest. The vest has a c loop so it can be used as a harness as well. We find that providing the halo along with the dog's adoption puts a pet parent's fear of adopting a blind dog at ease. We explain that this is a tool to help their new blind baby get around safely and with confidence....Read more 
Susan B.
This is a great product. Our little blind Schnauzer, Brigit, needed something to protect her face when she bonked into things. We are careful not to change her normal paths so this is minimized but you can't stop it completely from happening. In new situations or when there is a lot of activity at home, this is a great piece of protection. After just a few minutes she was maneuvering around very comfortably. It is easily adjusted for angle and fits her perfectly. The soft cushion behind her head is sturdy, attractive and holds the halo steady, plus she looks adorable. The owner of the company called us directly to ensure we had all the information we needed.
This is a wonderful product that is helping our little boy Biddy live a bump free better quality of life! First off the product arrived very quickly and as soon as i put the it on him, within a few minutes he started acting like his old self again! exploring all over the house with less fear of bumping his head and hurting himself, he was so timid and scared before he got this and i feel much better now knowing he is safer and happier. Also not only does this product have a strong sturdy protective hoop to protect his head from injuries, but also has angel wings for added protection that is lightweight and comfortable that comes with easy care instructions to keep it clean. The customer service is excellent and very caring and i must say he looks adorable wearing it and gets sweet praises all the time where ever he goes, this product has helped his quality of life so much!...Read more
Pet Parent
"This was Tigers first reaction after putting on Muffin's Halo. I cried, since my husband's departure to Afghanistan I hadn't heard Tigers voice in 2 months. Muffin's Halo made him so happy. He found his toy brought it to me so we could play. This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-YJsQcnV7s
Andrea S.