Must See Transformation! Blind Shih Tzu Faith Before And Minutes After Trying Halo

Testimonials From Our Proud Blind Dog Customers

Thank you so Much for the ABSOLUTE WONDERFUL MUFFIN’S HALO!! Daisy Loved the Halo from the moment I put it on her! There was NO “getting use to” “give her time” I put it on her & Daisy took off!! Lol!! Daisy hasn’t ran since becoming blind in June 2018 & with the Muffin’s Halo she instantaneously took off running!! All I seen from behind her was a WIGGLE BOTTOM!! She was super happy and her sprit was lifted!! My other fur babies can’t stop sniffing her when she’s wearing her Halo! When she’s walking with the Halo on - she speed walks! There is No Longer “slow time” with the Muffin’s Halo on!! I caught myself staring at her while she’s wearing the Halo actually contemplating if she could see! Lol!! That’s how confident she has become overnight!! Daisy & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We Love the Muffin’s Halo & couldn’t imagine our new journey without it!! The Halo has made our new life even easier and much more happier!! All our Love & thankfulness go out to you! Thank you sooooo much!! MUFFIN’S HALO is a MUST!! Again, Our Love & gratitude go out to you!
Michelle C  Las Vegas NV
"I have a 17 year old bichon (Tommy) who has had many health issues over the past two years related to kidney failure. He is almost totally deaf and has just enough vision left to be fearful when objects (even my hands) get too close to his face. Since around January 2014, because of worsening vision loss, Tommy stopped wanting to take walks, one of his primary pleasures in life. He also restricted his movements indoors, primarily staying in one room when he once enjoyed moving from bed to bed throughout the day. It was very sad to watch his world shrinking. I had seen other halo designs and did not like that the halo sits at the line of vision, which would not work for Tommy. I also worried that it would be uncomfortable because the halo wire is attached to a vest or harness along the sides of the dog on other designs. Muffin's halo is the best design I have seen because it is highly adjustable, with the halo more in a visor position. The use of a "wing" to hold the halo is truly ingenious and it is what sets Muffin's Halo apart from earlier designs....Please Read More
Patty B.
"This amazing product changed Lily's life, in less than 24 hours!  Our confused, frustrated girl instantaneously was transformed back into a nearly-independent, happy dog! Prior to the halo's arrival, she barely would put one foot in front of the other, fearing her face would hit something hard.  She moped, in her bed, 24/7. In less than one day, she began to TROT around the house and the yard!  Please recommend this product to anyone whose pet can benefit from it; it truly is life-changing, for pets and their humans. " =)
Krista B.
My beautiful blind dog Basil wears his Muffins Halo with pride. He was fostered on a five acre small holding and knew his way around well with the use of his halo. When I adopted Basil and brought him to Scarborough North Yorkshire. He had to get used to a much smaller garden area and home. Basil wore the Halo for approx two hours while he explored my home and garden. The Muffins halo prevented him from sustaining any injury and after two hours he was trotting round with the confidence of a sighted dog. Basil was so confident that he can also manage the stairs leading up to the front door. Basil wore his Halo when he did a sponsored walk to raise money for our local dog rescue charity. So many people stopped to great Basil they had never seen anything like his halo before and so many people told us sad tales of having to have dogs put to sleep when they went blind. They all said that if the Halo had been invented years ago that would have enabled them to keep their dogs for longer with a good quality of life. Silvie Bordeaux has invented an amazing device and we can't thank her enough for helping Basil.
Pet Parent
The minute I put on the halo Button who's been walking around rather slowly because she's walking into walls takes off trotting through the house its like she has a new found security. This is the best thing I have ever seen and I was so surprised that she liked it so quickly. button is a 15 year old stubborn Pomeranian but like I said with no hesitation started walking around and running like she had a sight back.
Pet Parent