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How Do Dogs Get Blind

Dogs, like humans, may experience the deterioration of their senses as they age. Typically, dogs don’t develop serious ailments until they’re much older, though some breeds may be genetically disposed to losing their sight earlier. While a halo for your dog could potentially make their life easier in the long run, it’s important to understand… Continue reading How Do Dogs Get Blind

How does SARDS cause blindness in dogs?

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, or SARDS, is a rare disease in dogs and is one of the ailments of what causes blindness in dogs. The current cause of SARDS is still unsure. Medical understanding of the cause of SARDS is poor with only a few theories.  Suggested causes are elevations in adrenal sex hormones, toxins,… Continue reading How does SARDS cause blindness in dogs?