Blind Dog Halo Red Angel Wings

Blind Dog Halo Red Angel Wings

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Please see sizing chart below to determine the size of your Blind Dog for our product - We are NOT STANDARD SIZES.

Please measure your Blind Dog's Girth = fattest area on the body (this could be the chest or the belly). It is different for each dog. Please order the size your blind dog's girth measurement falls under on our size chart.


Muffin’s Halo Red Angel Wings ® is a 3 piece must-have device that helps blind dogs transition to become familiar with existing or new surroundings quickly. It starts as a harness that is wrapped snuggly around a dog’s neck and torso. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo is attached to the wing and when placed on neck of the harness, the halo is just above the eye level and acts as a buffer to safeguard a blind dog’s head, nose, face and shoulders from bumping into hard surfaces. When the halo taps a hard surface, it sends a signal to the dog alerting them to go in a different direction. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise. Wearing the harness also makes them feel cuddled and less anxious.

Material: Light weight and comfortable, made out of polyester/cotton twill and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Muffin’s Halo Red Angel Wings does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with it on.

Care Instructions For Wing and Harness: Cold water machine/delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach. Halo can be cleaned with a baby wipe or damp cloth. The fabric on Muffin’s Halo Red Angel Wings‘ halo is a durable water resistant nylon pack cloth.


Muffins Halo Sizing Chart

Assembly and Care Instructions

98 reviews for Blind Dog Halo Red Angel Wings

  1. MerleAnne Merkel (verified owner)

    My Lady is a long-haired Doxie who recently lost her sight to SARDS. A wonderful animal behaviorist who is working with us recommended a halo. Yours is the second type of halo we have tried. The first was the same price but flimsy and the ends of the halo poked lady in the ribs…she cried out for the first time ever. That halo also became misshaped and displaced constantly. No such problems with muffin’s halo! I keep the vest on the loose side ( Lady still has a big bruise along her ribs, from a fall down the stairs in March, when she first went blind overnight) and despite the little wiggle that causes to the halo and wings, it doesn’t seem to bother her and the halo works fine.
    She got the idea of the old halo almost instantly. She’s been wag-less and insecure without it, for the week we spent waiting to get her new halo vest. She took off immediately, all wags and smiles, as soon as she had on her muffin’s halo! She can even navigate trips into the back yard off-leash now, though I closely supervise her and cue her verbally. I can’t tell you how happy this makes Lady! Before her blindness, I used to call Lady my “Ebullient Girl.” She woke me up in the morning all wags and kisses, she followed me everywhere, she ran laps with my other dogs out of pure joy. She was pure happiness and the most self-assured dog I’ve ever known. I have three little dogs and I don’t even try to hide the fact she’s my favorite. Of all my dogs, all my life, she’s The One… As I’m sure you know, it was devastating to realize she was blind, that the Lady I knew and loved was never going to be the same. I now see some of the old Lady, both when she wears her halo and also, when it’s off…gone is the hesitant, confused little girl. She doesn’t mind much when she makes her way through life in her muffin’s halo “by the Braille method.” This has also really helped with her “new” obedience training. She knows about 20 hand signal commands but can no longer see them. She hadn’t responded consistently to only the voice commands that accompanied the signals. She’s begun to respond well to my voice commands, both the old ones as well as some new commands, necessitated by her blindness. I think it’s because her anxiety has been allayed to a great degree by her halo. The “stay” and “wait” commands are so important in handling a blind dog; the dog’s obedience to them can routinely be a matter of safety vs. harm, if not life and death. Not to mention being able to get much done besides looking after your blind dog!
    Thank you for the brilliantly​ designed​ halo vest. The quality and function are superior and I can say without hesitation, muffin’s halo has changed our lives.

  2. Armstrong Family (verified owner)

    We can’t thank you enough! Murphy is wandering around getting used to the Halo. Already he is using it to push open the screen curtain to go outside. He had our home mapped pretty well, but we’re hoping he can gain the confidence to be more active. Our vet thinks he is about 13 years young. We were worried that he wouldn’t like wearing it. He’s completely deaf, so verbal encouragement wasn’t going to help. We needn’t have worried. It’s lightweight and seems quite comfortable. Looking forward to updating Murphy’s progress! ~The Armstrong Family

  3. Jess Thomas (verified owner)

    Yay, Luna has received her Muffin’s Halo! A big thank you! You’ve brought us so much happiness. It is just incredible. It is so wonderful to see blind dogs across the globe getting that second chance at a bump free life. Luna is slowly getting used to her Halo and we can’t wait to see her grow with it.
    We’re so grateful! ? Best wishes, Jess Thomas

  4. Dryer Family (verified owner)

    I can not thank you enough. Koda is getting used to his Muffin’s Halo and loves his new found freedom. He is such a sweet dog and watching him struggle and bang into everything was breaking our hearts. He can move around the house safely now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Koda and The Dryer Family

  5. Carrie Carpenter (verified owner)

    Trinity Lizzard Louise received her Muffin’s Halo and wants to send a big slobbery thank you and a special thank you to Silvie for knowing that Trinity had to have the red wings! I didn’t tell her it was a large, and lied to her when she asked if it made her butt look big, but it fits her perfectly.

    She moved around fairly well in it the first time we tried it- was maybe a little startled by it hitting the wall, but after a couple of bumps, it didn’t seem to bother her at all. The next time she wore it, we got her to walk around a little bit more & I think she will be just fine in it. Once it cools off she’s looking forward to getting to show it off to the kids in the neighborhood & go shop at Home Depot and PetsMart! Again, thank you all so very much!
    Trinity, Carrie, & Officer Q Carpenter!

  6. Kate (verified owner)

    A wonderful person bought our Benji’s Halo! We’ve just moved into a new home and the Halo has been great in helping Benji find his way around and navigate his new environment. With much thanks and best wishes, Sue, Kate and Benji Richter, VIC

  7. Linda Powers

    Tinkerbelle navigates extremely well with her red Angel Wing , so well, that now I do not have to use them all the time, just when we have a lot of company or commotion . Wish I could post a pic. she is adorable.

  8. Debbi Conn

    My yorkie Cocoa was blind but not slow and she would crash into walls. I would cringe every time I heard her little head hit a wall or cabinet. I tried to make her little helmets but nothing worked until I found Muffin’s halo. It fit her comfortably and totally protected her from hitting her head. Unfortunately, we have lost our Cocoa at 16 years old, but we have passed her halo onto friends. We were blessed to have her as long as we did. Thank you to Muffin’s Halo for keeping our Cocoa safe and comfortable.
    Debbi Conn

  9. Sarah

    Got this for my 16 year old jack Russel . I would recommend it to anyone in need of supporting a blind animal.

  10. Donna (verified owner)

    I bought this for our blind pug and it was so useful for him as he got blind in his old age. He was able to navigate well around the house and yard with it. Perfect gift fir a blind buddy??????

  11. Lynn

    When I brought my blind from birth, rescue chihuahua home from the pound, he was scared and disoriented to his surroundings. The Halo helped keep him safe until he got used to his surroundings. We have moved since and it again assisted until he got acclimated. Thanks so much.

  12. Cheri Blackburn

    I loved these wings for my Pomeranian Sid. When he first went blind it kept him from hurting himself.

  13. Rita Chambers

    3 years ago later this month my 7 year old toy poodle woke up blind. We found out later that it was due to diabetes… But he was terrified and I was devastated. Someone very kindly bought a Muffins Halo for Charlie and it completely changed his life. He found his confidence again… He started to play again and became the sweet little man that I had known all along. I can never say thank you enough… Charlie will be 12 this November and is doing great! Thank you SO much!

  14. Sonya Robinson

    My Cookie received a muffins halo a little over a year ago. She has done very well with it. I have actually shared it with two other dogs that i watch just to see how they did with it. One was completely blind the other partially blind. They both did very well with it under my care. Unfortunately they both have gone to the rainbow bridge now. I can’t say enough of this wonderful products.

  15. Carrol Harris

    Miss Mandy has the red wings…she is so happy with this aide. Mandy is blind and has remained independent with her new Halo. This is such a brilliant idea and very helpful to the blind babies.

  16. Mel (verified owner)

    My rescue dog Katie became blind last year. It was very upsetting to watch her bumping into everything. The Muffin’s Halo device arrived quickly and the difference in Katie’s confidence was amazing! The design of the Halo is also very impressive. It’s the most comfortable that I could find on the market. So much so that Katie’s veterinarian was very impressed and said he would recommend it to other clients with blind dogs.

  17. Sara Dorsey

    Our dog Tsunami (Nami) is a 13 year old Min/Pin. She is blind & can no longer judge distances. Unfortunately, she’s the product of a puppy mill. Her health issues are extensive and are negatively impacting her life. Nami used to be my walking/running/hiking buddy. Now, between the arthritis in her hips & back, luxating patellas & visual impairment, she was becoming withdrawn. I just wanted her to get her independence & confidence back.

    Thanks to a her new Muffin’s Halo, she’s becoming much more playful & amp; confident. This halo is amazing! It’s improved her life so much.

  18. Nancy

    I am so thankful to Muffins Halo for supplying Leah with her Red Angels Wings. Leah was an older dog that I had adopted, she was not only blind but a diabetic. The wings helped Leah to find her way through hallways, doorways, and things that were in her path. Unfortunately, Leah died of cancer, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge – but while she was here she lived a happier life with her wings to guide her.

  19. Kathryn Ching (verified owner)

    We bought Muffin’s Halo for or 14 year old cockapoo who went blind. I had trouble fitting it on him at first, and Silvie called me herself to help me figure out if a different size might work better. She was so nice, and it was easy to exchange for a better fit. Unfortunately,our dog passed away not long after I puhased the halo, but for the time he had it, it seemed to help him around the house. It certainly made me feel better that there was something we could do for him in the last weeks of his life.

  20. Mary Hanna

    My miniature poodle developed SARDS and went blind very quickly. He was only 7 at the time and went from a very energetic , playful dog to being afraid to move. It was heartbreaking. I scoured the internet looking for suggestions that might help him. Finally I found Muffin’s Halo and it helped him gain his confidence back. It is especially helpful when we travel and he is unfamiliar territory.

  21. Patty Garofano (verified owner)

    Fit my toy poodle very well. VERY sturdy. Good product. Really worked.

  22. Joleen Legory

    I was so blessed to be able to find this company when I needed support the most. This has helped my Yorkipoo so much. It was such a learning curve for both of us to adjust to his loss of sight. With his Angel Wings, I could feel more comfortable about him exploring the house all over again and not getting hurt. Thank you so much, this product really helps the dogs with vision issues.

  23. Wei (verified owner)

    I ordered one for my friend, she is very happy for the product, it perfectly fits her blind dog.

  24. Heather Johnson

    Muffin’s Halo was a dream come true for my blind cockapoo Maxwell. I felt helpless watching him go blind and running into walls, furniture and people. I searched the internet and found Muffin’s Halo. If the award winning ratings was not enough to convince me the pictures and testimonials did. Maxwell easily adjusted to the halo and now walks around the house without the fear of running into walls, etc. Brilliant design idea!! Maxwell loves to go for walks and we get numerous questions on his halo. All very impressed and walk away thinking what a brilliant idea. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for such a wonderful product!

  25. Susan Kopplin

    Pookiemon, a 10# male poodle, came to us over 3 years ago as a hospice foster rescued from a puppy mill for drug money. Well over 15 yrs old at the time he came, it was discovered early on that he was totally blind. He mind mapped the house quickly. Sylvie helped him with a halo that truly fits his attitude, spunk, and angelic qualities. He has no difficulties managing stairs and has to be part of all activities (especially in the kitchen) where his assistance may be needed. Our pet sitters have spread the word of his halo to appreciative clients. You won’t go wrong purchasing this accessory for your vision impaired pet.

  26. Eric Headlee

    This was a game changer for my Boston when he lost his second eye. it really helped him get around our remodeled house until he was able to map it out. now we only use it when we go somewhere that he is not familiar with. I could not recommend these higher.

  27. Janice Amundrud (verified owner)

    Our blind dog Benji, an 11 lb bichon/Shih-Tzu Cross, began wearing his Muffin’s Halo immediately following the removal of his sutures and cone. Within days we were seeing his confidence level increasing to a point where he now eagerly goes everywhere in the house. He has been improving on a daily basis and can now go up and down a few stairs to the back door where he goes outside for the bathroom. This has all transpired within less than two weeks. We love the Muffin’s Halo so much that we have decided to purchase a second one for outside use, especially when lake season begins again. This is truly a great product and we highly recommend it.

  28. Tracy G.

    I cannot say enough good things about this product. One of my dogs Lil Bit was going blind due to cataracts but due to her age and health was not a candidate for surgery. She became fearful of doing anything and would just stay in her bed unless we loved her. We got her a Muffins Halo to see if it would help and she became a completely different dog. She would wander, became herself again, social and happy to be outside. It really made a huge difference in her life. I highly recommend them for any dog that is losing their sight or is blind. It can make a huge difference!

  29. Natalie

    Muffin Halo was a life saver for our dog Ruby who went blind over night with SARDS. She was very depressed and wouldn’t walk . Now she is happy energetic and making her way around the house bump free
    Most fantastic item ever . We sent for it all the way from Australia. Can’t recommend highly enough

  30. Jessica

    This product was an absolute God send! My sweet Lab, Lola has to have bilateral enucleation on both of her eyes due to glaucoma. Being diabetic she was slow to heal and that was compounded by constantly bumping into things. I was desperate to find something that would help her transition and heal. I was elated to find this product!!!!! It helped so much. We still use it periodically when we go to new places. This product is ingenious. I would highly recommend it for blind dogs.

  31. Sara Dorsey

    These really help my pup navigate & keep her bump-free. She’s going blind due to cataracts that came on suddenly. She struggled to function with her impaired vision, & frequently ran into things.

    She looks gorgeous in the red halo and has received many compliments. Often, it prompts them to inquire what it is and how it works. This gives me the opportunity to educate people about blind dogs and how their Muffin’s Halos help them.

  32. Lynn Reddington

    Milo is my little Yorkie and he was fortunate to receive a donated Muffins Halo, it helps him so much in the house because his blindness is now total and even though he knows the layout of the home he still bumps into doors and cupboards etc. It is a wonderful invention and I cannot thank Second Chances for Blind Dogs enough for it xxx

  33. Julie Harris (verified owner)

    I was getting worried about my little blind pug Daisy as she kept bumping into trees and our fence. I was worried about her getting an eye injury soon. I tried to get her to wear a direct harness with a hoop in from, that my other pug wore before he passed away, but she fought me trying to put in on her. This harness is great because you attach it from the top and then wrap around the neck and belly piece, instead of having to step into it (like the other harness that I have). She doesn’t fight this one at all and waits patiently for me to put it on her. Now I can relax when she is in the back yard as I know that she can’t hurt her eyes. The Velcro on the wing that attaches to the hoop is great too as it flexes if she pushes too hard, protecting her neck. On top of all of this she looks adorable and we call her triceratops girl when she has it on! I highly recommend Muffin’s Halo!

  34. Karen S

    I adopted little Gigi right after eye surgery. She was abandoned and in bad shape. Three months later I took this little dog with no eyes home to recover. I had no idea how to help her adjust. Along comes this info that helps blind dogs. I now have, thanks to Muffin’s Halo, Gigi in red angel wings. The halo is such a security for her to experience her world again. And it’s such a help for corners and table legs. I’m sure this is an adjustment for Gigi. She’s been able to see for 7 years and then not see, the Muffins’s Halo is the perfect aid in her future.

  35. Lea and millie

    Excellent fit and great quality!

  36. Elizabeth Mills

    It was the difference between night and day. Mom’s little Boston Terrier, Benji had completely lost his vision in one eye and the other eye had bad cataracts. For a couple of months he had been wearing the cone and had become completely lethargic. When his new red halo arrived, I immediately put it on him and he began running around the house and yard like his old self. It was so amazing! This little red halo had given him back his independence and he was loving it (so were mom and I seeing him run around like he was a pup again. Shared our discovery with the vet and everyone else that saw him out running around. I would highly recommend to anyone that has a blind dog (whether by injury, infection or cataracts) to purchase one of these for their fur babies. The difference it made in Benji and my mother’s lives was priceless. <3

  37. Jodi Staller

    Our handsome husky/beagle suddenly lost his sight due to complications from diabetes. He was ok moving around in our home because he’s lived there since we adopted him 5 years earlier. However, we had to move to Florida and the transition was hard on him. We had little bloody nose prints all over the house from him bumping into everything.

    I found Muffin’s Halo online and knew that would help our poor Loggie. I filled out an application for assistance with the cost (as our moving expenses had been hard on us at the time), and thankfully a donor came through and paid for the Halo. Our little boy was now able to navigate the house…and dog park…safely and confidently! He got his pep back in his little steps!

    Sadly, we lost Loggie in Sept. ’17. As much as we hated to part with it, we donated his Halo back so that another pup could have a chance at a new life.

    We love Muffin’s Halo, the company, and everything they are in this for. Sylvie and her crew truly care about our angels have changed lives, for entire families. If you have a baby that could benefit from a Muffin’s Halo, you will be truly pleased!

  38. Leanne Green

    My sweet Chi Weenie Roxxy lost her sight this year. We were so devastated to see how sad she was .A sweet angel donated halo to her. It was a miracle. The second we put it on her she took off. She was confident enough to run again. Roxxy wears it everywhere we go. She no longer fears new people and places. The people at our local pet food store know by name and call her their “angel” with her halo.If you are in doubt, this was as huge part of her recovery. I cannot recommend this enough.

  39. Vicki Thurnher

    Minnie lost her sight due to undiagnosed hypertension with bleeding inside the eye. By the time the vet and I figured out what the problem was, the damage was already done. My sister had had a Muffin’s Halo for her blind dog and told me about it. I ordered one for Minnie, and what a difference it made in her daily life! She had become fearful and afraid to move with the constant banging into things . She would stand cowering and trembling in one spot, so I had started carrying her around to try to keep her safe. The halo gave her back her confidence, and she learned to navigate in the house and yard- now without fear. She doesn’t need it at home any more- she can go up and down the stairs quite as well as she did before she lost her eyesight (I swear she counts the steps- 4 steps up and turn to the left on the landing, and another 9 steps to the top; then the reverse when she comes back down.) I don’t think she would be able to do this without the halo that gave her the confidence to re-learn her world. She’s also much more calm when she wears it- I think the fit of the vest acts like a “Thunder Shirt” for her in a way and makes her feel more secure.
    So this is our story. I cannot thank Sophie enough for the hard work and tenacity it took to create a product that is sturdy and that works. She gave my blind dog a second chance at a good life.

  40. Jessie (verified owner)

    This halo was a game changer for our beloved Boston terrier, Raja. It helped her navigate confidently and improved her quality of life. We cannot thank Muffin’s Halo enough. Extremely high quality and great product design.

  41. Howard (verified owner)

    Our 10 year old Golden Retriever has been using her Muffin’s Halo for a couple of months at this point. The halo has given her much more confidence whenever she is out and about. She seems much happier with it than she was prior to having it.

  42. Stephen Smith (verified owner)

    Works great.

  43. Janet Needler

    Muffinshalo gave ME and my little Bear our lives back –at first he didn’t understand what the “contraption” was on him but once he got the hang of it he got a whole new life. Bear would go in rooms with out me which was almost impossible when he didn’t have any “protection” –thanks so much

  44. Theresa jones

    What a great way to help your dog get around. My guy loves his halo

  45. Ellen (verified owner)

    My 12 year old mini Dachshund is too young to be blind…but he is (and deaf, too). He took immediately to his Angel Wings, and now it’s is bumper instead of his head. And it keeps him from getting lost under our cars!

    The problem we have is that Dachshunds love to burrow, so when he’s not up and about, he’s under covers. The wings do get in his way when he “digs” to get under, so we typically have to take them off. It’s a tad of a challenge to get the wings reseated correctly several times a day.

  46. Pamela Kelley (verified owner)

    I bought for our springer spaniel that has vision loss. We found that it is not as bad as they said because he could see the halo and kept trying to get it off. We have for later as his eyes deteriorate. Tried on another dog who does not see close but sees far and once again he was resistant. No vision definitely would stop the reaction and we either have for later or will gift to someone in need. Wonderful product and she wants you to get right product first time around.

  47. Laura Bacigalupi

    My Dog Faira had to get her eyes removed and became blind after seeing for her whole life. She used the muffin halo after her surgery and it was very beneficial to her and really helped her acclimate to being blind. I would recommend the muffin halo to any dog with vision issues.

  48. Stephanie Brewer

    An amazing halo that gave my baby some of his independence back. The quality is wonderful and durable. I would highly suggest these for blind fur babies. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  49. Caroline Turman

    I am very happy with my Muffin’s Halo. Bella is a dog that could test any product’s ability to stay on – she can’t get this off. It helps protect her face from banging into walls – love it

  50. Lynn Reddington

    Milo’s red Halo has been marvellous for him, it’s prevented many a bumped nose. So good to use when going to places he hasn’t been before, like on holiday for instance.
    It’s fantastically well made and he doesn’t mind wearing it a bit .

  51. Dayun

    Please get it for your dog if he or she is going blind. Your dog will greatly appreciate it! Please give your dog freedom by giving them wings! (If your dog is sentivive and scared like my dog please allow them plenty of time. If possible exposure to the halo before they go blind would really help!) Please for your sake and your dog’s sake, get a muffin’s halo, please!

  52. Tina Berrios

    Milo’s Halo has been a life saver for our Bubbles, she lost both her eye’s tragically, which is different from a gradual loss, per our vet. There was no adjustment period just instantly lights out forever. She is only 3 years old and 5 pounds. She was depressed, lost her loving and playful attitude of loving life. We were afraid we were going to lose her. We are so blessed that and Angel on here ( now Bubbles God Mother Lorraine) donated to get her the Halo, well let me tell you it made all the difference in the world, we have our baby back, playful, running around the house, living and loving life again, shes back to her old self , now she bumps us in the back of the legs when we are not moving fast enough for her to get in our Big bed at night to say our prayers , sleep comfortably with her humans and and take up the whole bed. just seeing thru the Halo instead of her eyes.

  53. Carol Yam (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo has been a godsend for my blind senior senior senior Chihuahua Luther. Most days he is a pretty typical senior but periodically, for no known (to me) reason, the Internal Puppy Switch gets thrown and my turbo-charged fella races all over the place crashing into doors, furniture, etc. This is recent behavior. Shortly after it started, he crashed into a door at high speed and ended up with injuries to both corneas requiring a weekend trip to an emergency clinic for treatment. (Very grateful for those wonderful folks.) I had recently seen a calendar featuring blind dogs wearing Muffins Halos and I decided to order one right away. Luth adapted quickly. I use it now when he is in hyper-active mode and I am certain it has prevented new injuries. The quality is excellent and the fit is very good even though he is a small guy of 8 lbs. and change. I highly recommend it for any blind dog needing assistance getting around or for other general protection. The hardest part is putting it on a squirmy hyper dog but we manage. Excellent product- very well made- so glad we have it for Luther!

  54. Tani

    Doggy was my life my little old Yorkie he was fortunate to receive a donated Muffins Halo, i was so happy he got the opportunity of one to help a little.

    he now has his own wings in heaven i miss him dearly

  55. Teresa Martin

    Our Murphy developed diabetes and within 2 weeks become fully blind. His Muffins Halo has been a life saver for us. He had done pretty good in the house but there were a lot of areas in our yard that was worrisome to us. This allows him to have full use of the back yard and I don’t have to worry about something poking him in the eyes. We can not thank you enough!!!

  56. Stephanie Brandt

    Yeah, Marley got her Muffins halo. Thank you so much. She has been blind for 4 years now and had given up on her walks because she was afraid. With the halo on she now loves to go on walks and other places she’s not familiar with. This has been a godsend.

  57. Teddy’s mom

    Our red toy poodle Teddy, has worn his Muffin’s halo angel wings from the age of 7 years old, when he first went blind( from retinal issues) until now. They have been a Godsend! He can run all over the house without injury. He has so much energy and wearing the halo keeps him safe. We all love it!!

  58. Gail Saukas

    I volunteer at a local no kill shelter. Recently, a pitbull came in who we found to be totally blind. A shelter is a scary place for a blind dog! I bought her a red halo and she was able to confidently negotiate her kennel, the outdoor run, go on walks and meet potential adopters. I am thrilled to say she found her furever home with the help of her Angel Wings! Thanks, from Fawny

  59. Suzanne Rabauer

    In February of this year (2020) my 9 year old Maltese Birkin lost her sight overnight due to a SARDS diagnosis. Due to the kindness and generosity of Muffins Halo and 2nd Chances my baby received a Muffins Halo helping her safely transition into her new normal – helping her navigate new indoor spaces without harm and also keeping her safe when outside. Muffins Halo was my saving grace and my baby Birkin’s guiding light.

  60. Jennifer Schreiber

    Making the transition from sight to blindness was extremely hard on my Angel. She would get upset and run into things. I was so worried about her getting injured. The halo was a God sent. It helped her to get her bearings and take her time. It gave her back her confidence. It fit her perfectly.

  61. Tersigni Nina

    Very well made and easy to use !

  62. Tonya

    My 16-year old blind Beagle Louie has a halo which alleviates him bumping his head into everything (which he used to do before). The halo has been a tremendous help. We are thankful to have them.

  63. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I bought this for my newly adopted senior blind dog Daisy. She came from the local shelter, and I had no idea how she’d do in a new house. It helped her greatly! She was able to adapt and thrive! It was a worthwhile purchase!

  64. Michelle Dagosta

    This is a great way to allow my dog to still have a sense of freedom and live as normal a life as possible while eliminating the possibility of injury. I can’t tell you how many times my poor sweet girl had smacked her head on door frames, table/chair legs, etc. before she got her halo. It is a Godsend!

  65. Maria Soprano

    The halo is amazing & gave my 16 year old her confidence back to walk around. Bella hasn’t been able to memorize the layout of our place, problem due to her age. She became so scared to walk. Within one day of putting on the harness she started prancing around the apt!! A few weeks later she started trusting it to walk at the park. Now she walks at the park for hours & even will go on walks around our neighborhood!! The halo is such a blessing, gave my baby the confidence she needed to continuing enjoying her fave joy in life, long walks at park.

  66. Carol Trees

    Thank you Silvie!
    It’s been nearly 10 years and Little Levi is still doing just great with his set of Muffin’s Halo Red Wings! He is so confident which enables him to enjoy every day. I would highly recommend Muffin’s Halo for dogs who have lost their sight. With Levi they made a wonderful difference for him and what he is able to to do. No longer is he the least bit timid. At the park he trots right out and meets dogs and humans alike with curiosity and confidence, thanks to Muffin’s Halo. Watching him makes my day.

  67. Veronica Pittaluga

    My 12 1/2-year-old blind Boston terrier, Lizzy, zooms around like she can see with her muffins halo. It has saved her from many injuries I’m sure. Silvie, The inventor of muffin’s halo, is a wonderful person and always there for you!

  68. Wendi Riddle (verified owner)

    I have a blind min pin. Silvie helped me to make sure he recieved the proper fit. This device has saved him from many head bumps and accidents. Thank you for this genius device.

  69. Matthew Bissett

    Durable, comfortable for my dog, and easy to use. Very appreciative for my Halo.

  70. Taylor Hunt

    This product helped my baby move around without fear. It’s well made! We were over joyed to get ours in the mail! Before my baby was hitting her face on everything. She hears her sisters and just wants to be where they are so she panics and runs into things. This product keeps my baby face safe and helps her not be so scared

  71. Carolyn

    14 year old Foster that I have been caring for is blind and hard of hearing and this helped her get acclimated to her new surroundings in about a week. Since that I do not use any longer and she does not require.
    One suggestion I might make is the halo part be covered with something that helps when a bigger dog comes in contact with the wall which made a lot of noise as she was navigating around her new surroundings.

  72. Finally Home Rescue

    I am just thrilled with the Muffins Halos that I received from Sylvie and her staff. I have a senior dog rescue and reached out to Sylvie when I learned about her product. Sylvie immediately asked me to measure the two dogs that I needed them for, and expedited two FREE halos to my rescue, one for my Jack Russel mix, Large; and one for a black Labrador, XXL. They both fit perfectly and the dogs are using them and loving them. I can’t thank Sylvie enough for donating these to my dogs, to help them in their last few years (hopefully) of life. Congratulations, Sylvie, on developing a wonderful product that you are sharing with the world!

  73. Karen McLain (verified owner)

    I got a Muffin’s Halo for Koko, the blind senior pug I adopted. She is completely blind and the Halo has helped her become accustomed to new or temporary areas. She is more confident and less stressed. I highly recommend getting a Halo, it can change your dogs life!

  74. Natalie Gomes (verified owner)

    My Boston Terrier had glaucoma and required removal of both of his eyes. The Red Angel Wings Halo helps us SO much. He can once again walk around our yard confidently without hurting himself. I am eternally grateful.

  75. Sharon Jones

    My girl Maggie is my world. She is a 10 pound little Rat Terrier. I don’t have any children and I am a disabled senior. She is so such a sweet dog and is so much company to me. I don’t think that I could love her more if she were my human child. I was devastated to find out over 2 years ago she had diabetes. She takes her shots and blood sugar checks like a champ and never gives me any trouble. She has almost completely lost her eye site in both eyes. I read about Muffin’s Halo’s on the diabetic forum I am a member of and I wanted to see if I could get a donated Halo for her before she is completely blind so that I would have it on hand when that day arrives. The eye vet says he thinks she is almost totally blind. She doesn’t even see treats right in front of her face. I was thinking that since I am on a limited income and couldn’t afford the halo for her that it would take a while to get one and I wanted one to have for her before she lost all of her vision so she could get use to it. I applied and the whole process was timely. I am so grateful to whomever donated Maggie her Halo. I can now rest at peace knowing she won’t hurt herself and when she loses all her vision I will be ready. She is already wearing the Halo some and getting use to it. It fit her perfect and is so stylish. I can’t think everyone enough involved with the gift of her Halo. It has eased my mind and heart a lot knowing she has it to use.

  76. N.R. (verified owner)

    Got this for our 15 year old senior dog.She is blind and deaf, so it worked well in the beginning, now that she Has vestibular is harder for her to wear it because it turns sideways. But overall it is an amazing gadget. A+

  77. Diane Glass

    My little rescue was born blind. When he came to my home, I wanted to protect him until he mapped the house. The outdoors was also a huge concern as far as bumping his face into things.
    A wonderful person gifted me our halo and my little guy loves it! He doesn’t need it in the house anymore but we don’t leave home without it! He has never banged his face or otherwise harmed since getting his halo. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  78. Janet (verified owner)

    What a wonderful gift of freedom for my basset! She was hesitant at first but once she understood that it keep her head from hitting walls, furniture etc, she relaxed and was able to more herself. There was an adjustment period but we stuck with it and so glad we did!

  79. Katie Mlac

    We were fortunate enough to qualify for this particular halo for our blind hospice foster Posey. When we first got her she was able to see alittle bit with. She came to us with uncontrolled diabetes and with that came the cataracts. Awhile later she developed spontaneous glaucoma and her eye pressure was off the charts. Had to have her eyes removed. We didn’t realize she was able to see more than we thought bc the eye removal was very difficult for her to get around without bashing her head into things which was probably more painful for us to witness. Once we got the halo she became more confident moving around thruout the house. Thank you again for this great product. It really is a life saving device when it comes to helping blind dogs navigate just about anywhere without seriously hurting themselves.

  80. Fernanda Carrasco

    Some beautiful angels donated this Muffin’s Halo to my dear Cindy, a really old and skinny poodle that became totally blind. It was such a relief to see she wasn’t bumping on the furniture anymore and building confidence to walk freely again. She passed away some time ago, but I’ll never be grateful enough to those who made her last times more calm and enjoyable. The halo really did make a difference for her (And by the way, it was so cute) so rest assured it will do with your little ones.

  81. linda kay anderson

    My dog ended up blind from being diabetic. Both of these issues hit almost on top of each other and I was a mess.
    My dog started chasing my other dog and ran into a shed full speed.
    After that, I knew we had to do something and this halo was a true blessing and life saver. My dog is 100 pounds so you can imagine his blind problem was complicated by his size especially inside the house. Thank you to Muffins Halo for making my fur baby have a better life and he feels much more confident when he wears it.
    All blind dogs deserve to have Muffins Halo as part of adjusting to becoming blind. Muffins Halo truly was a asset that I will always be grateful for. We have a trip to pet sit at my sons house in 2 weeks and the halo will be the first thing we will user at this new location.

  82. Julie

    Our dog, Babbette, is a French Poodle. She is about 15 years old. Her health is good except that she is blind and deaf. She has a heightened sense of smell and can navigate well based on that alone however she still bumps into things. Because of this she moves very slow and cautiously. The halo really amazed me. It was much better than I expected. She is protected from hitting her head on things and ending up in small spaces where she can’t get out. She still is able to go outside to potty and will stand at the back door and bark once for us to get her. Its amazing how she has adapted to her conditions and the wings have given her more confidence.

  83. Wendy Thibodeau

    Kodie was an eight-year-old “full-of-life” Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) who rapidly lost his vision and hearing after his diabetes diagnosis in 2020. One of his favourite things to do is hiking through the woods or exercises his humans around the neighbourhood after supper. With his blindness, he was afraid to walk even with a leash and me by his side. With the Muffin’s Halo, he now walks at a much faster pace where I find myself having to keep up with him. His little tail wags the entire time! Thank you, Muffin’s Halo, for allowing him to continue living his best doggie life. We couldn’t be more excited.

  84. Rebecca Lee

    This was a life saver for my Oreo. Wonderful fit and I would recommend this to anyone needing these for their babies

  85. TJ

    I received a halo for my Shih tzu Kloie who is going blind. It fits perfect and it don’t bother her at all. I think always using harnesses on her helped with this. I’ll be honest and say I don’t put it on her all the time and that’s due to her still being able to get around ok. She bumps into things when she’s not watching where she’s walking and when she has to have it on I know she will be so much better off knowing it will help her not run into things and hurt her. I am so appreciative with the halo. Thank you for making a much needed product for our furry loved ones.

  86. Natasha

    Thank you for Chewies Halo. He is able to roam freely without hurting himself.

  87. Jaclyn Sinclair (verified owner)

    A great product. Our Harley has some peripheral vision, but is blind straight ahead. She does well in the house, but on a walk, the halo tells her not to stick her head into a bush with sharp sticks at the bottom or into a fence on a walk and she can avoid being punctured. Very grateful. Thank you.

  88. Charles (verified owner)

    Got this halo for my dog Jagger after he lost his eyes. It works great. He’s much more confident and eager to explore when he’s wearing it. Before he would bump his head a lot and then he’d get scared and afraid to move around. Now I don’t worry about him running into stuff when he’s playing or when I’m at work.

  89. Salinda Ash

    I was gifted a Halo for my blind and deaf Italian Greyhound that was 15 years old when she came into rescue. She just loved to run full speed outside and wound run into our fence. She adapted to using her halo like it was a gift fro god himself. We even had to pad our fireplace to keep her from hurting herself as she never knew was fear was. Her halo opened a whole new safe world to her. Thank you for giving both her and myself peace of mind and a safe live for Olive Oil.

  90. Refugio dos burros

    The halo helped me more than our little guida by giving me confidence to let her explore! Easy to use and great to seeing it giving the dogs an early warning for danger allowing them to confidently get back to life!

  91. Linda M Amoroso

    What a life saver for my Wally and me! Wally was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2022. We worked hard to get that under control but unfortunately he developed cataracts very quickly and was blind by early May. Through a diabetes group, I learned about this amazing Halo. It has helped us so much. He was bumping into everything in the house and on our walks. Can’t tell you how many times he would bump his head on a sign pole. I’d try to steer him but didn’t always do it in time. With the Halo he is much more confident and enjoys our walks so much more now. My Wally is coming back to being himself! Thank you for this wonderful Halo!

  92. Heather (verified owner)

    Unlike our other blind dog, our tiny poodle mix did not adjust well to her vision loss. She was depressed and had lost her spunk. We read that some dogs do well using a halo. After looking at several options, we choose Muffin’s Halo and we are so glad we did. She has regained her confidence and is back to being her active self. This halo fits her perfectly and is very well-designed. We highly recommend it!

  93. Christine Lobence

    Mavis had glaucoma and had to have both eyes removed. She has a Halo and is very confident when she has it on. It fits well and stops her from hurting herself by gently letting her know something is in front of her. It has been a great relief knowing she won’t get hurt either inside or out. Thank you so much for making this possible.

  94. Curt (verified owner)

    It’s well made and working great for our dog – better than the competing product we had initially tried.

  95. Tamara (verified owner)

    When FeliCa became totally blind, she was so unsure of herself & was scared to venture on her own. When we received her halo, just 2 days wearing it she was back to her old self. Today you would never know she’s blind. She’s a confident girl again‼️She only needs now when we venture somewhere she’s not accustomed. I highly recommend for any dog who has lost their vision…to give them the freedom & confidence to live their best life‼️

  96. Sara

    I have a 14 year old diabetic,blind and deaf pug. He went blind overnight unfortunately from his diabetes. We adopted him when he was 11 years old and he is the sweetest guy . I will never understand how someone abandoned him in a backyard. Anyways, once he went blind he kept walking into everything. Obviously it was traumatic for him seeing before going to bed and waking up blind. He kept bunking his head ,which didn’t help an eye issue he has where 1 eye bulges out more then the other. I knew nothing about this harness until I looked up what devices there are for blind dogs. This has been a game changer!
    First ,let me say,the customer service is awesome! Shipping was very fast. When I received it ,there was a heart warming card addressed to my dog and a bandana that says I’m blind to put around his collar. The halo itself is built very sturdy. The fabric is breaththrough and not heavy. So your animal won’t get hot wearing it. I love that it’s a velcro harness. That way we cam adjust the size if need be. He lost some weight when we didn’t have his diabetes under control yet and we adjusted the velcro and it fit him perfectly. He can lay down,eat,drink with it on with no issues. Plus the worry of him hitting his eye is gone now . The halo part is adjustable from the harness part with velcro. That way it accommodates any size head of your animal. Or you can leave the harness part on if there sleeping and take off the halo until they wake up. I 100%would recommend this product. It will save your animal from constant head bumps and give them more security walking around.

  97. Christine Sands

    My poor Lola was recently diagnosed with PRA and has gone blind very quickly.
    Having just moved house while she is getting used to being blind has been hard for her, but it would have been much harder without her Halo!
    I adore it and so does she, it took a bit of getting used to but it does exactly what it needs to.
    Muffins halo is made very high quality and worth every penny.
    Highly recommend!

  98. Ashley

    Thank you so much for helping to give Yogi his confidence in navigating new spaces back!

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