Blind Dog Halo Pink Angel Wings

Blind Dog Halo Pink Angel Wings

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Please see sizing chart below to determine the size of your Blind Dog for our product - We are NOT STANDARD SIZES.

Please measure your Blind Dog's Girth = fattest area on the body (this could be the chest or the belly). It is different for each dog. Please order the size your blind dog's girth measurement falls under on our size chart.


Muffin’s Halo Pink Angel Wings ® is a 3 piece must-have device that helps blind dogs transition. Becoming familiar with existing or new surroundings quickly. It starts as a harness wrapped snug around a dog’s neck and torso. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo is attached to the wing and mounted to the neck of the harness. As the halo is just above the eye level it acts as a buffer. To safeguard a blind dog’s head, nose, face and shoulders from bumping hard surfaces.

When the halo taps hard surfaces, it sends a signal to the dog alerting them to change directions. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise. Wearing the harness also makes them feel cuddled and less anxious.

Muffin’s Halo Pink Angel Wings:

Material: Light weight and comfortable, made out of polyester/cotton twill and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Muffin’s Halo Pink Angel Wings does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with it on.

Care Instructions For Wing and Harness: Cold water machine/delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach. Our Halo can be cleaned with a baby wipe or damp cloth. The fabric on Muffin’s Halo Pink Angel Wings’ halo is a durable water resistant nylon pack cloth.

Muffins Halo Sizing Chart

Assembly and Care Instructions

93 reviews for Blind Dog Halo Pink Angel Wings

  1. Sonya Robinson

    I am so thankful for this product my Cookie is losing her sight quickly due to diabetes.Since day one with her halo she loved it,it has given her more confidence in moving around in unfamiliar territory..Thank you again..

  2. jj (verified owner)

    This product has helped my dog get around at home and other places we go, since she lost vision. It is very helpful.
    Thank you!

  3. Leane & Jim Nakis (verified owner)

    MileyMac was a rescue “Pirate Pug” as a puppy. She had limited vision in her remaining eye, but that didn’t stop this feisty little girl. At 10 yrs old she lost her remaining eye and once again, this determined stubborn wonder pug doesn’t let it stop her. She loves playing tug, wagon rides, and peanut butter once again with her pink Muffin’s Halo!?❤️
    Leane & Jim Nakis, Miley’s Minions ?

  4. Edward Banas (verified owner)

    I am so glad to have discovered the Halo. This amazing device has been very beneficial for my 14 year old pug who is now totally blind. The Halo allows my blind dog to negotiate obstacles in the yard and in the house. She doesn’t bump and bruise her head anymore and has regained confidence and independence again. It has made a dramatic improvement in the quality of her remaining time with us. THANKS!!!

  5. LEON SHAPIRO (verified owner)

    A lifesaver for my poor little pug. She lost vision 2 years ago and I got her the Pink Angel wings – luckily for her, it was cataracts and I had them removed. As soon as she could se again, I gave them to a friend who had a pug that had also recenlty gone blind – This time, she has retinitis and will not be able to see again. The wings have saved her and allow her to move freely about the house, finding her beds, water, toys – it is a lifesaver and has saved her from frequent injuries.

  6. Jean (verified owner)

    I bought a muffins halo for my pug Lily after she sadly went blind in Nov 2016. Muffins halo gave her the confidence to become herself again and enjoy life and her freedom. Lily passed away May 2017 but her halo went on to help another pug. She was my everything and seeing her happy in her halo was the best thing ever. Thank you for inventing this it really did make such a difference to Lily’s quality of life. It is light weight and easy to assemble you won’t be disappointed. I live in the U.K. and it didn’t take long to arrive.

  7. Billie Bagdon

    Our little girl Angel had been ill for a year with an undiagnosed illness before she suddenly went blind before Christmas. I immediate began researching to see how I could help her so she would regain her confidence and read about Muffin’s Halo online. I ordered her the pink angel wings and she started regaining her confidence almost right away. Unfortunately she did not get to use them for long as she developed seizures and renal failure and passed away at only 8 1/2 years of age in June.

  8. Linda Dietz

    This was a life-saver. Our pug suddenly became blind as a result of diabetes. For several weeks it was terrible. Our dog was hitting her head against something about 50 times a day. After some time she just decided not to walk around the house any longer. The product we received worked as perfectly as we were hoping. The workmanship was perfect, the fit was perfect, and our dog resumed a normal life immediately. We no longer use it because after a successful surgery our dog got her vision back. But we are still keeping it, just in case. Thank you so much for creating this product.

  9. Aitana (verified owner)

    These amazing wings are my little pups savior. My pup Viejita went blind due to chronic glaucoma and the transition process was really tough on us since she’s got a very active and playful little sister. These wings allow us to go on long walks again and allow Viejita to move around the house easily. Her sister is more conscious of her playing space due to them and she does not ever make a fuss about wearing them. Would highly recommend if you are looking for something that will help your pet resume a normal life after going blind.

  10. Solomon Rothstein (verified owner)

    I cannot imagine going without the Halo for my dog Carrie. Without it she will be constantly hurting her head.
    Bless you for coming up with this devise.

  11. Sandy Love (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about Muffins Halo. It made such a difference for our little Maltese in how she got around both inside and outside. I wish every blind dog could have one. It would make their life so much better. Thank you Sylvie!

  12. Gabrielle G (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo is a nose saver! Our Mollie went blind from diabetes and although she gets around okay at home with a little help, we were nervous to take her on our vacation because she wouldn’t know her way around. She caught on very quickly, a little bump on the halo and she redirected. Mollie was able to explore the woods freely because her halo kept her face safe. She now wears it every time she leaves home. The vet loves it and I gave them the website.

  13. Laurie

    My pug Lola gets around the house so much easier with her halo. She weighs 20 lbs and wears the size L. When I am making lunches in the am she is in the kitchen bumbing around. Prior to her halo she would constantly bump her face into the cupboards. Not no more!! Laurie, John and Lola xoxo

  14. Bonnie L

    Muffin’s Halo helps prevent my little 4.5 lb chihuahua Coco from ramming her little head into the wall & furniture. All in all though Coco & amp; I are happy with our purchase & would definitely recommend it for your blind doggie. Thank you Muffin for inspiring your Mom to create the Halo. Bonnie & Coco :-)

  15. Shari Zink

    Our Cocker Spaniel Bailee lost her vision to glaucoma last year. I read all the wonderful stories regarding Muffins Halo. I received a pink halo from a donator. I was so thankful for the people that donate to all the special dogs to go on with their lives. Before the halo, Bailee would walk with her head down and scared. Since receiving the halo, she regain her confidence back to walk around without bumping into the walls and hurting herself. Now she is very independent and happy again.
    Thank you so much!

  16. Jan Uniatowski (verified owner)

    So glad I got one for my Maddie. Helped her a lot until she passed away from her Diabetes. This I believe have her confidence knowing she was safe from walking into things. Great product. I would highly recommend this. Thank You. I give this 100 star’s plus.

  17. Rosalinda Fisher (verified owner)

    My chihuahua was blind at the age of 10 yrs old and when I purchased the Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs and I put it on her she started walking outside more often and enjoyed walking with my other chihuahuas. It really was a blessing because now she didn’t bump into the walls of the house and she felt confident walking by herself with the other doggies. Thank you again.

  18. Amy Cosma (verified owner)

    This was a Godsend for our girl when she lost her sight. It gave her a newfound confidence she lost when her sight was completely gone. Thank you for helping to make our girls last days of life happy days. RIP Bella 5/1/18

  19. Celeste Gray

    We received a Muffin’s Halo for our rescue foster girl Hazel. Hazel had double eye removal surgery due to neglect and untreated glaucoma which caused her to become 100% blind. After receiving her Halo, Hazel’s personality really started to shine. It’s amazing to see how confident she has become! She now runs and plays with her other doggy siblings. It’s a beautiful thing to see! Muffin’s Halo has given our sweet girl the GoodLif3, indeed!

  20. Annette (verified owner)

    Thank you. Molly feels comfortable walking around the house and new places she visits when she has her wings. It takes her some time to adjust when she wears them, but they help her not get hurt.

  21. Chareen Thant

    My 10 yo baby Leslie, a Shih Tzu with glaucoma and cataract, received this pink halo from donors. It really helped my baby gain her confidence as she now walks with a “guide” to help her not hit her head with the things around her. I would really recommend this to all pet owners. This will greatly help with your visually impaired babies. Thank you, Muffin’s Halo and the donors for your generosity!

  22. Claudia

    Muffin’s Halo was a life saver for me when my dog went completely blind. I watched helplessly as she bumped her head against walls when she wasn’t confined to her play pen (which she did not like). She adapted immediately to the halo. I love that it si so light weight yet sturdy. Now she can walk all over the house and she is protected. Thank you for inventing this humane device for dogs!

  23. Kelly Lubash

    My sweet little ex puppy mill blind girl loves her halo. She has cataracts but also a stage 5 heart failure. Surgery is out of the question. She’s so confident getting around now.

  24. Mitch Wright (verified owner)

    So amazing what this product has done for my sweet angel Itsy. Before I got her her halo she would not be able to walk around without hitting her little head on things. She got to the point if you put her down she would not move. I happened up on this website and decided I would give it a try. It was the best decision I made for Itsy. It gave her so much more freedom and me a huge sigh of relief to know her little head wouldn’t be hitting things. I am eternally grateful to you and this company. Thank you and much love for you and what you do.

  25. Judy Santerre (verified owner)

    Zoey’s halo has allowed her to adapt to her blindness and move confidently. When she first lost her sight, she would keep pawing at her eyes as if to open them. It was so sad, so it was especially comforting to see her use her halo and trot out as her new self! Thank you!

  26. A. May

    Our foster dog Maddie lost her eyes due to critical health conditions when she came into care. She has had difficulty adjusting as she is always afraid she will bonk her tender nose. Muffin’s Halo has given her confidence and freedom to explore and be more active. We are so grateful for her halo!

  27. Amanda

    Our pug Eleanor suffered from retinal disease at age 8. She was blind, but the rest of her eyeballs were in good health. The only problem was that although we loved that she wasn’t afraid to walk around and still explore, but she became really good at directing herself toward danger, like Mr. Magoo. Putting her in a Muffin’s Halo Pink Angel Wings Harness helped protect her eyes and face as she merrily bonked around our home, yard, and on all of our adventures. The style of the harness also helped us support her on walks as her arthritis progressed in her later years. Thank you, Muffin’s Halo, for helping us keep our old gal happy, healthy, and active!

  28. Shelley Rios

    Faith was a senior blind dog rescued from a local shelter. The last few months of her life, she had freedom to wander because of Muffin’s Halo. We watched her go from shaking on the floor to walking confidently around a room in less than 30 minutes. This is truly an amazing product.

  29. Vanessa Virano (verified owner)

    Our beloved cocker spaniel, Bambi, unfortunately became blind last year at 12.5 years old due to glaucoma (and underwent chemical ablation in both eyes). At first we were completely devastated and were afraid she would not adjust, but she slowly has, and thanks to the the aid of Muffin’s Halo, she can navigate her way and it really helps her because it prevents her from bumping her head continuously into walls or sharp objects. I am so grateful for having discovered Muffin’s Halo! Thank you!

  30. Mollie Anderson

    Our little Princess Fate was an elderly rescue dog when we adopted her. She had to have one eye removed and was blind in the other eye. She was greatly aided by her Muffin’s Halo. It kept our little Princess from running into walls and things and kept her from harm. I am grateful we were able to find this helpful aid.

  31. Debbie Mundy (verified owner)

    My darling Maddie used her halo until she passed and it was a great asset to her. We will forever be grateful for her Muffin’s Halo.

  32. judy M kislenger (verified owner)

    The Muffin’s halo has helped my Lily get around. This past winter we had a lot of snow. It was about 2 feet deep. We made paths for our dogs to get around and do their business. Without the halo, Lily was running her nose into one side and then the other side of the snow banks. The halo helped her navigate the paths. No more snow nose! I am so glad I found the halo!

  33. Cortnie Doan (verified owner)

    My Female Shih Tzu Lily #alaskashihtzu went complete blind in January of 2019 it was a slow process over 2 years of slowly losing her ability to see and one day she woke up blind. I though she would know her surroundings a lot better around the house, but I quickly learned she had no idea where she was going. So that is when I found Muffins Halos, this has helped my little girl go bumping as we call it. It protects her face from running into walls, chairs anything that could cause damage to her face. She wears it during the day and at times when she just wants to bump! I would highly recommend this to every person who has a blind dog!

  34. Holly day

    I was blessed to find this for my girl benji who suddenly went blind. This helped her cope and gain confidence

  35. Mary (verified owner)

    This really helped Angel when her eyes was fading. It gave her the sense of security that when she walked around she wouldn’t get hurt by walls and furniture .

  36. Christine

    It took a bit for our min pin, Natasha, to get accustomed to wearing her wings. She was 14 when she needed help getting around. The wings really work well! Great invention!

  37. Christopher garcia

    My dog was blind and deaf and would constantly bump into everything; to the point where she wouldn’t move or eat. For her last year, this changed her life, I’m forever grateful for the halo

  38. Ayeen Manalo

    I’ll forever be grateful for the donors who gave pink Muffin’s Halo to my baby Shih Tzu. :) It has really helped my blind baby to roam around the house without fear of bumping into things and getting hurt. I highly recommend this to all furrparents of blind dogs out there. :)

  39. Mary Tapp

    Foxy loves her Halo!

  40. Claudia

    Muffin’s Halo was a lifesaver for my senior welsh terrier, Tara. She was diagnosed with glaucoma in September 2015, and we were able to maintain vision in the other eye with the help of medication for another year and a half. When she went completely blind, I was beside myself trying to keep her from bumping into walls and not being able to prevent it completely. About four months later I met someone who told me about the blind halo for dogs. After shopping around and having to return one from another company which was useless, I ran across muffins Halo. If fit perfectly and was so easy to clean and adjust. A top quality product which Tara adapted easily to due to its lightweight and sturdy fit. I will always be grateful for Sylvia going the extra mile to create this invaluable protective halo to keep Tara out of harms way.

  41. Linda Battisto (verified owner)

    My tiny Schnauzer, Mia, went blind suddenly with SARDS.
    Muffin’s Halo has brought so much comfort to Mia and my family! It has made Mia confident enough to walk around and has helped me to know she can’t hurt her little face anymore when I put her down. Thank you for developing such a WONDERFUL product!!!

  42. Angela Brown (verified owner)

    Thank you for the halo for our sweet girl Holly – it has helped protect her when we go to new places!

  43. Trina Snow (verified owner)

    I purchased this for our blind senior forever foster girl Bella. When we first got her, we had to be very careful when she was in the backyard. When she wore her Muffin’s Halo, she could have full run of the yard. It was wonderful. The fit was perfect. I would recommend this for every blind dog.

  44. kathy jackson (verified owner)

    There is nothing like this on the market. My small aged papillon enjoyed a year and a half using Muffin’s Halo. I ordered the XXS and even though a needed to yet shorten the distance between her shoulders, she stopped the circle mapping and adapted very well. I enjoyed my dear little girl and she enjoyed life with me until she passed. Thanks to Muffin’s Halo there was NO putting her down because of her blindness. She died peacefully in her sleep at home. Thank you Sylvie!

  45. Lucy Miller

    I give 5 stars. My Katie is around 7 yrs old. She has cataracts in both eyes for about 3 years. Katie was bumping into things around the house. She would lay in one spot and not even play. Then I found a video about Muffin’s struggle and how it was resolved. I found out the was a way to order the Halo set. When I received it I put it on Katie. She was unsure about the Halo and stumbled around for a couple of days. As time has gone by, we have found the spunky, playful pup again. She is much more confident and happy. THANK YOU MUFFIN’S HALO!!!!!!!

  46. Li Anna Marie Chinack (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely fantastic! There are other products similar to this but Muffins Halo is well made and looks great! I love it and my Stella had no problems getting used to wearing it right away. The size and fit is perfect!!! She is the perfect angel wearing her halo.

  47. Mollie Anderson

    Muffin’s Halo helped my little Princess Fate by keeping her from bumping into things and causing further injuries to her aging little body. Adopted at an elderly age with a history of severe neglect and abuse, all we could do was shower her with love for the last couple of years of her life. This was a help to her.

  48. Linda (verified owner)

    We purchased Muffins Halo for my little bichon when she lost her first eye. It was a blessing to have this halo for her. She learned quickly that this helped her from bumping into walls, cabinets, etc. Six months after she lost her first eye, her second eye was taken out (because of glaucoma) & having already adapted to the halo, she was a pro with it. This was the best investment I could make for my sweet baby girl, to keep her from getting hurt in her own home.

  49. Patricia A Garofano (verified owner)

    This is the one to buy. Do not buy the cheaper ones out there. They don’t work.

  50. Renée Pefley (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the Muffin’s Halo. Our 12 year old puppy went blind in December 2018. We knew one eye was blind in September but surprised when she went totally blind around Christmas. The ophthalmologist assured us he could Dave the other eye. Well, there are no certainties with a living body. So being blind Bailey was frightened to move. When she did she walked it to the walls and anything nearby.
    I started researching what to do and came across this site. Luckily the location was nearby so delivery could be quick. I was willing to take a chance this would work. It looked like the best made unit of its kind.
    I’m so happy I did. Bailey now walks around knowing she won’t get hurt as her halo and wings will protect her.
    Thank you so much for this awesome gift for my baby.
    She’s almost 13 years young so hopefully we have some more quality time with our girl.

  51. Christine

    It took a little while for my dog to get accustomed to her “Wings,” but once she did it was much easier for her to find her way around our house.

  52. Amanda Atterbury

    Muffin Halos was a brilliant idea! It gives our fur babies the freedom still to roam around the house and outside without bumping their heads and her in the hurting their noggins. The look of the halos are adorable, stylist and look like they fit comfortable unlike those knock offs.

  53. Sharon Krnc (verified owner)

    As soon as my 4 yr old miniature schnauzer was diagnosed with PRA, I began researching for a device to protect her face when she would hit poles or run into trees or shrubs. Coco currently sees shadows but will be completely blind at some point in the not too distant future. I wanted her to get used to her halo while she still had some sight. She has adapted to it very quickly. Once she figured out it protects her face, she started flying around the yard…more like her old self. It makes me so happy to see my young pup has her spunk back! Muffins Halo is lightweight, well made, and worth every penny.

  54. gina blaser

    I adopted my little Maltese at the age of 3 from a terrbile puppy mill. She is fearful of everything and when Glaucoma took her sight at 6 I didn’t know how we were going to get thru it. She was walking into things and hurting herself. My heart was broken. I searched the internet to see what I could find to protect her face and I came upon Muffin’s Halos. I ordered one right away and now she has confidence and her quality of life is so much better. It works so well, i ordered a second one as a spare. I’m so grateful that yall invented this!!

  55. Carolyn McCabe-Joy

    This is a wonderful product!! We had never had experience with having a blind dog in our rescue before and then along came Tink! A wee Pommie who was bumping into everything! Once she started wearing her Muffin’s Halo she blossomed and became so much more confident! Now she lives in a wonderful home and still wears her wings! Thank you for this wonderful product.

  56. florencia

    I have an American Bulldog that I adopted and went blind due to glaucoma on January 2018. She had an unfortunate event with previous owner that caused her Secondary Glaucoma (due to trauma to head / total damage of optic nerve) which immediately caused blindness in 1 eye. An eye specialist wanted to remove eye, but i was totally opposed to it. I asked for an alternative – which was putting daily drops, about 7 different bottles. I have been doing that since July 2014. They also did the least invasive eye procedure called Ciliary Body Ablation with local anesthesia. Vet told me within 6 – 18 month her other eye would go blind. I started putting Holy Water around her eye area, daily. Her other eye eventually went blind January 2018 – almost 4 years later! (instead of the 1.5 yr the eye doctor had calculated). When she went fully blind I freaked out, she became motionless for maybe 3 months?? She would barely walk anywhere. Often had to be carried (and she is 60 pounds!!!). Finally slowly started to be herself again. I started to search online for ways to help her. The two BEST tips for blind dogs I learned (a) line up the house with carpet runners, creating a path for her into every bedroom, and everywhere else. i get these for $ 9.99 at Costco. and (b) purchase these Halo Wings from muffins halo. She has had them for 1.5 years. They give me peace, and they give her confidence. The only thing I would change is they are a bit tight so when she lays down, it seems uncomfy. But it is likely my fault because when I ordered them online the website asked for measurements of the dogs length / width, and during that week i had just moved in by myself with two big adopted dogs to a new home, and that same week she went fully blind so i was extremely overwhelmed at seeing her suffer and i did not even measure her. So please remember to measure your dog properly. And you will absolutely love the wings. Worth the money. xx Florencia,

  57. Cheryl M. (verified owner)

    My tiny little Brussels Griffon can now walk around without bumping her sweet little face on walls, etc. She is so much more independent now and seems much happier.

  58. Janice Uniatowski (verified owner)

    My Maddie was going blind due to Diabetes. I was so happy I found this site to purchase a Pink Halo for her. It was wonderful as she was able to get around and was very happy to be Independent. Sadly Maddie passed away due to her Diabetes. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need for their pets. Thank you helping to make her last days joyful.

  59. Sweet Nellie’s Sanctuary (verified owner)

    We were blessed to be introduced to Muffin’s Halo for our sweet senior Pekingese who had lost her eyes due to severe glaucoma. It gave her such confidence and mobility when she needed it the most. She was having a really hard time. It’s an amazing tool for blind dogs!

  60. Sam (verified owner)

    We got this for our Pomeranian who got SARDS. After she went blind she lost all of her confidence and Spunk. As soon as we put this on her, her confidence was back. Her spunk was back. I had a couple questions and they was answered quick and with a phone call and texts. Great customer service!!! It is worth every penny.

  61. Stephanie

    Muffin’s Halo is a great product. My 14yo Pomerian had to have both of her eyes removed in October. It took her a couple of weeks to get used to the Halo but now she wears it every day with no problems. It is very well constructed – a quality product and still super lightweight. I would recommend Muffin’s Halo for all blind/sight impaired dogs of all ages. We love it!!!

  62. Michelle Taylor (verified owner)

    These wings are true angels!! After becoming blind, my little 8 pound Sophie went from being afraid to even walk to cruising all over the house, thanks to these wings! They’re extremely light weight and have given Sophie tremendous confidence. She was able to get a map of our house in her sweet brain very quickly. Thank you Muffins Halo!!!

  63. Patty (verified owner)

    This is a quality product. Worth the price. Don’t buy those other cheaper ones you see. I tried those and they fall over easily. Muffin’s Halo does not fall over. I would definitely recommend this product.

  64. Laura (verified owner)

    My little girl, Mango, absolutely loves her pink angel halo. She is 13 years old and had trouble adjusting to her loss of sight stemming from diabetes. With the halo on she is so brave and not afraid to explore new places. This is a lifesaver for her acclimation and happiness. :)

  65. LC Carr

    This is the best thing that helped my doxie when she went blind to maneuver around the house and saved me a great deal in vet bills as it helped her avoid eye injuries.
    Such a wonderful product for our blind pups

  66. Carri

    Muffins Halo helped my Bella navigate through our house when she went blind and gave her freedom back to her! We highly recommend the halo for any dog that’s lost their sight to give them confidence to live their best life!

  67. S (verified owner)

    I already had the red Halo, I just bought the pink Halo. Buy this product if you have a blind dog! I had to buy the pink one for going out (It matches her collar) The red is for at home use. Wish the website was a little more modern. I also wish more people would promote this product, the people who see my dog, are always surprised something like this exists. My dog is more confident when wearing the Halo and walks quicker. She is very stubborn and will insist on going around our yard without a leash so this product really helps.

    Also customer service was efficient and quick to ship.

  68. Pamela Frederick (verified owner)

    Aspen loves her halo! She lost her eyesight in both eyes overnight in October 2020. It was heartbreaking. My animal eye specialist recommended buying a halo product to help with the bumping around. Cruising the internet, I came across Muffins Halo and ordered one. She was hesitant to walk when I first put it on her, but took no time getting used to it within the same day. If there is any question whether or not to buy this item, buy it!

  69. Gina Love-Walker (verified owner)

    Invaluable product for my 11 yo Bichon frise’s confidence in moving about the house and in yard! Since she became blind, She really reduced her activity and just wanted to sleep. Once I put the wings on her, her tail started wagging and she became active again. Highly recommend this product

  70. Darcy (verified owner)

    Amazing product that has helped my blind Foster fail adjust wonderfully to my home and surroundings on walks! I love the halo portion is detachable! It helped us learn how to navigate life together and now she doesn’t even need the halo (she responds wonderfully to my verbal cues and pressure on the leash)! Without muffins halo, I don’t think I would be able to bridge the gap from her needing a device to her not needing one at all! Thank you for all you do!

  71. Jess

    Absolutely perfect for my sweet Stella! She was diagnosed with diabetes on July 3rd 2020, and soon after her diagnosis she lost her eyesight due to cataracts. I ordered a Medium and it fits my Miniature Schnauzer perfectly. She wears the halo when inside (to avoid running into things), but the harness fits her so well we wear it on her for every walking and outing! Absolutely wonderful for blind dogs and the agency is absolutely amazing for helping people in need! Thank you so much!

  72. Annmarie

    The owner was an absolute doll in accepting my return of the wrong size and helping me select the right size. Luckily, my pups vision issue resolved itself, but happy that the halo helped us during a scary time. Highly recommend this company and product.

  73. Michele Vitali

    Such a great halo that really helped my girly when she lost her sight overnight. I purchased and returned two others before getting this one. Thank you for making such a great product.

  74. Stephanie Kelman

    Muffin’s halo is a fantastic product. I am so grateful that I found the website and decided to try it. My sweet dog Daisy was diagnosed with SARDS and the canine ophthalmologist recommended buying a halo for her. There are several on the market but Muffin’s halo has the absolute best reviews and I am so happy that I bought it. It took Daisy a short time to get used to it after which it helped so much with her gaining her confidence to navigate around the house and the backyard. It has tuly been a lifesaver and now I can’t imagine her being without it. Thank you so much to Sylvie and her team and to Muffin who inspired Sylvie to invent this amazing product.

  75. Dawn T (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo is a life saver, as my pug is loosing her sight she has lost her thrill to walk and explore but my concern for her walking into things and getting injured was preventing her and I from enjoying exploring and walking. Then I heard of Muffin’s Halo, I thought at first it was too good to be true but was worth trying. Well, we are back walking and my pug doesn’t know anything different and I am now more confident and happier that she won’t be hitting into anything that will harm her. Truly a wonderful product.

  76. Alex & Andrea

    We found this while browsing the internet after our little dog Mia lost her second eye in an accident. It’s given her a new lease on life I would say. Mia used to just stay in one room and didn’t move much. We figured her time was pretty much over.
    But with the halo it’s been life changing. Now she is cruising around the whole house and running in the yard again. We hear her going tap tap tap tap along the walls and she seems to almost use it like a cane for a blind person. Amazing how fast they pick up on it. Must be nice to stop smashing their face into walls I would imagine.
    I wish the vet had known about this and recommended it. Would of saved us months of her sitting around and being sad / scared to move around.
    Thanks a lot

  77. David Adams (verified owner)

    Chloe, our long haired Dachshund, developed cataracts at four and finally lost all sight this past winter. She still moves around good but I watched her bump into things as she manuvered around our house. I feared she would injure herself or become so afraid she would not move about freely so I ordered her a Halo. She still occasionally runs into things, especially things that are left in a place where they do not belong, but now her Halo keeps her little nose from banging on whatever. I am very satisfied with my decision to spend the $100 and get her the Halo.

  78. Caroline Steel (verified owner)

    What a fantastic product! Also a fast delivery to Australia – it only took about a week. We tried an alternative that was badly made and ill-fitted. Muffin’s Halo is perfect – such high quality and easy to use and fit. The velcro also makes it easy to remove the top part if needed (e.g. to pass through our doggie door). Our Cavoodle (medium sized) is very happy with it and confident getting around our house – she uses the halo to feel along the hallway etc. Best of all, she isn’t bumping her head or eyes. Thank you so much for inventing it Silvie!

  79. Tami LaRosa

    If we could give 10 stars we would! This product has helped our little Daisy so much. Daisy was digonose with retinal degeneration disease in 2019, 2 years later she is still going strong thanks to the Muffin’s Halo. The Muffin’s Halo has really given her a boost of confidence to walk around without bumping her head. She was a little hesitant at first but adapted really fast. When we found Muffin’s Halo it was a life saver! We weren’t sure what we could do if we didn’t come across this page. We are so amazed on how well she is doing. We got our halo really quick and Silive was quick to answer any of our questions. Thank you Silvie and Muffin’s Halo for giving Daisy a second chance!

  80. Tom (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo has saved our beautiful Molly from bumping (or slamming) her head into walls and doors countless times. An invaluable investment for Molly and for us!

  81. Trish Morall

    My little girl Gemma went blind overnight and I was in a panic. I bought a (NOT Muffin’s) halo from Amazon and it was horrible, oversized and bulky.
    The Muffin’s Halo was like night and day! Light weight, well fitting and easy to get on and off. It helped my little scared girl be brave when she was outside going potty. A lot of my neighbors asked me what it was and I happily told them. Even the ophthalmologist’s vet techs were impressed.
    I highly recommend a Halo for any blind or sight impaired dog.

  82. Wendy Burkes


    I just wanted to say thank you so much. The Halo has been a big help for Kenzie. It’s took some time for her to adjust bust she has Tyne hang of it. No more bumping into furniture.

  83. Stephanie Wong

    The Halo has been a lifesaver for our blind senior 17 year old little dog. I felt bad when she kept bumping into furniture and was glad that this really helped her and she looks like a little angel. Thank you so much!

  84. Amy mankin (verified owner)

    My veterinary ophthalmologist recommended the halo right after my beloved chihuahua went blind a year and a half ago. The halo has given her so much confidence and now she is so active and not afraid to move around. This has been a medical lifesaver as we do not have to worry about her injuring herself any longer. She has so much confidence!

  85. Lisa M Cooper

    This wonderful invention has given my shih tzu Daisy so much confidence when getting around. I work in the veterinary field, and I rescue older dogs, some of which come with medical issues. When Daisy comes to work with me now, everyone notices that she is happier, more energetic and like her old self when she could see. The holistic veterinarian I work with feels the energy around the halo. Clients are asking what it is and why she wears it and think it is the greatest. Thank you to Muffin’s Halo! I hope the exposure Miss Daisy is giving the Muffin’s Halo brings you in more business!

  86. Kerri

    This product is a life saver for my girl. She had to have both of her eyes removed due to the neglect she suffered at the hands of her former owners. Because she is only 5 years old, she wants to keep up with and enjoy the outdoors with my other dogs and her Muffin’s Halo lets her do that safely. She gets to explore the yard, sit out in the sun, and even roll in the grass because of the design of the soft halo. Cannot say enough great things about it! Thank you for giving my girl her freedom to enjoy her life as she deserves it.

  87. Sandra Sailer (verified owner)

    We recently adopted a blind & diabetic 10 lb. Poodle who had not been treated by her previous owners. She was having trouble bumping into things and getting around. Since she has been wearing the “Halo”, her confidence has soared. She no longer runs into wall, etc. Also bought her another color to match her outfits. It’s “a must have” for EVERY blind dog. Highly recommend this company over any copycats.



  89. Linda Boston

    This was an absolute Godsend for my Izzy girl before she crossed the Bridge. She felt more confident with navigating the places she had to go and I am grateful that someone has a product for our blind furbabies. She did not get the chance to use it a lot, but it was so very helpful to her and me.

  90. Dawn Denney

    This is a genius product and a life saver- literally. Without Halo my Isabella was bumping into everything and I thought it was just a matter of time until she ended up with an injury. This product is amazing. Thank you so much for inventing this.

  91. Nancy Parker

    My little dog Lottie became blind due to a double enucleation, and she had a difficult adjustment. Muffin’s Halo has been a huge help in getting her adjusted to her blindness. I am very thankful that I discovered Muffin’s Halo!

  92. Stephanie K

    This is a wonderful product, I can’t praise it enough. My sweet dog Daisy went blind with SARDS a few years ago and after extensive research of the few different halos on the market, I selected Muffin’s, as it had the most positive reviews. I have never regretted it and I continually give thanks to Slivie for all her work with it. Daisy has gained confidence to make her way around in any new situation, as well as in familiar places. The product is beautifully made, fits well and is easy to put on. Thank you again for a product that is helping so many blind dogs and thank you to the Angels for their most generous support.

  93. Alison S (verified owner)

    I was so happy to find out a product like this existed! My girl Stella went blind very slowly the last year of her life from PRA. She went from going on daily walks to having her world narrowed to our kitchen/dining area until I found this product. She adapted very easily and got her confidence back by wearing the halo daily so we were back to exploring the neighborhood very quickly. Everyone who saw her in it commented on how cute it was and were also thrilled to know that a halo existed to help blind dogs find their way. My vet was super interested for her other clients. It is so well made and easy to put on and adjust! Thank you so much for giving our girl a better life up to the very end! I will always recommend this product to anyone who needs it! Stella said thank you too!

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