Blind Dog Halo My Blind Dog

Blind Dog Halo My Blind Dog

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Please see sizing chart below to determine the size of your Blind Dog for our product - We are NOT STANDARD SIZES.

Please measure your Blind Dog's Girth = fattest area on the body (this could be the chest or the belly). It is different for each dog. Please order the size your blind dog's girth measurement falls under on our size chart.


Muffin’s Halo My Blind Dog ® is a 3 piece must-have device that helps blind dogs transition to become familiar with existing or new surroundings quickly. It starts as a harness that is wrapped snuggly around a dog’s neck and torso. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo is attached to the wing and when placed on neck of the harness, the halo is just above the eye level and acts as a buffer to safeguard a blind dog’s head, nose, face and shoulders from bumping into hard surfaces. When the halo taps a hard surface, it sends a signal to the dog alerting them to go in a different direction. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise. Wearing the harness also makes them feel cuddled and less anxious.  The Muffin’s Halo My Blind Dog makes them look angelic and is a Muffin’s Halo original design.

Material: Light weight and comfortable, made out of polyester/cotton twill and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Muffin’s Halo My Blind Dog does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with it on.

Care Instructions For Wing and Harness: Cold water machine/delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach. Halo can be cleaned with a baby wipe or damp cloth. The fabric on Muffin’s Halo My Blind Dog halo part is a durable water resistant nylon pack cloth.


Muffins Halo Sizing Chart

Assembly and Care Instructions

60 reviews for Blind Dog Halo My Blind Dog

  1. Donna DeAtkine

    My 11 yr old Dachshund had Sudden Acute Retinal Detachment. The Halo really helped her to negotiate around and find her way. Plus, I loved the “blind dog” on the Halo to make others aware. It really helped her to avoid hitting her head and eyes into objects.
    I highly recommend it for any visually impaired pup.

  2. Sara (verified owner)

    Kaiser my 10 yr old poodle went blind a few months ago, the eye specialist gave us info on this halo. We ordered it right away! Kaiser does not seem to mind wearing it. Thanks to the halo he is not hurting him self running into things! Great product! I took a flyer to his regular vet and she was very appreciative she said muffins halo will be very helpfull for her blind patients.

  3. Julie (verified owner)

    My little Nemo was diagnosed with glaucoma about 6 months ago when he lost vision in his right eye. A few weeks ago, he lost vision in his left eye. I was a mess and Nemo was very depressed and confused. I started researching accessories to help care for a blind dog and came across Muffin’s Halo. First off, I love the fact that I actually spoke to Silvie directly to ensure I ordered the correct size. From the moment we put his Halo on, Nemo’s demeanor completely changed! His tail started wagging and he was off to the races! I’m so thankful for Silvie and that there is a product like Muffin’s Halo. We got the “Blind Dog” one to let people know so they do not approach him without warning. What a fantastic product!

  4. Sarah Smith

    Kady is a 14-year old Aussie girl. She is a Jack Russell/Cattle Dog rockstar who has beaten anything that life has given her. 3-Years ago she was diagnosed with drug induced diabetes and not given long to live. She is still fighting fit even after losing her right eye to infection in early 2017 and having only peripheral vision in her left. We live on property and she loves coming out in the bush doing jobs with her five canine brothers and sisters. Something that wouldn’t be possible without her Halo. This pocket rocket, weighing in at only 14kg, fights the odds daily and we hope to have many more years with our Halo wearing Kady.

  5. Lauren Theuerkauf (verified owner)

    Theo is my 14-year old Chihuahua. He loves walking around the house with his Muffin’s Halo. Theo went blind in his left eye in 2016 due to glaucoma. We immediately purchased a Muffin’s Halo to help Theo adjust to losing sight in one eye. In October 2017, Theo had sudden onset glaucoma in his right eye and lost vision immediately. He was also diagnosed with Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome. Thankfully, he was acclimated to the Muffin’s Halo, which not only helped him cope with being totally blind but allowed him to thrive.

  6. Joanne Agudio

    Abigail is an eight year old bull dog who has unfortunately become a victim of S.A.R.D.S. It was like someone turned the light switch off and immediately she was completely blind. It has been a struggle for her learning to maneuver her way around her environment in darkness. Muffin’s Halo has been a huge blessing for her. It has given her some of her freedom back. It protects her head from banging into walls and tables which used to leave her frustrated and sitting in a corner in the room affraid to walk around. I can’t thank the creator of Muffin’s Halo enough for creating such a life-changing device.

  7. paul (verified owner)

    When Misty suddenly and unexpectedly lost her eyesight,Muffins Halo was a blessing.It was a bridge to her new way of life.Thank you Silvie!

  8. paul (verified owner)

    When Misty suddenly and unexpectedly lost her eyesight, Muffins Halo was the bridge to her new way of life.Thank you Silvie!

  9. Judith Moscibrocki (verified owner)

    My Giant Schnauzer was diagnosed with diabetes. He developed diabetic cataracts and went blind in a few short months. I found Muffins Halo and got him one. It protected him from running into things until his cataract removal surgery 6 months later. He can now see again but not as well as before the diagnosis of diabetes. Muffins halo was a God send for him in his time of need. Thank you for inventing this device for canines in need.

  10. Carolyn Delehanty

    My blind dog Travis used to bang his head accidently into the walls at my apartment, in the last year of his life. These wings really helped him navigate the hallways in my home. Its a wonderful product. Very kind people to speak with as I ordered the wrong size at firs.

  11. Barbara Park (verified owner)

    Our dear girl, Sadie has been plagued with so many eye issues in her golden years. She is the most precious mini dachshund and we couldn’t bear to watch her progressively become blind. She struggled with bumping into everything and so we decided she needed the Muffin’s Halo when we saw it at our Vet’s office and tried it on Sadie. We bought one right away and it has helped her maneuver without bumping her little head. It’s been wonderful for her.

  12. James Evans (verified owner)

    My dog went blind 3 years ago. Without Muffin’s Halo, our lives would be far more stressful. I no longer get upset when she’s alone and she’ s safer running around the house. It’s been a godsend and the best thing that has happened to us since she lost her sight.

  13. Tracey englund

    Our beloved doxie, Rommy, became blind this past year. He was able to negotiate familiar territory very well but bumped and spilled elsewhere. Muffin’s Halo gave him the confidence to explore and be playful again. Thank you for providing my dog with the ability to live fully despite losing his sight.

  14. Antonia Reed (verified owner)

    My Bandido was diagnosed with SARD in July 2018. He only wore the halo outside, as it confused him inside, he navigated better without it inside as we have lived in this house for over 7 years. Bandido passed away in my arms on December 1, 2018. I was in contact with your site and they gave me an address that I can donate the halo and the doggles to give another dog a second chance.

  15. Judy Doughty (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo helped my most precious Lil’Red Lucy have the best care possible the later time of her life here with me. I am forever greatful to Silvie and her working with us to get my Lil’Red the proper size for her comfort, she was even able to take her naps comfortably with her halo! I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you Silvie from the bottom of my heart.

  16. Daina (verified owner)

    My pug Pancake started to go blind at 10 years of age from retinal disease. She navigated pretty well as her right eye was less affected than the left one. Pancake had a small fall and had a partial retina detachment in the right eye. After 3 infections the eye needed to be removed. Her sight was pretty much gone. I bought her Muffin’s Halo in hopes that it would prevent her from running into things, it did. Muffin’s Halo stopped Pancake from running into ANYTHING, it is great for all dogs with vision problems, it help my girl significantly.

  17. Courtenay Knerem (verified owner)

    Our dog has SARDS – Sudden acquired retinal degeneration, which caused her to go completely blind within a week. Her Muffin’s Halo helped tremendously as she had to re-learn how to navigate the world. She comes with us everywhere, including my work office & this really helped her maintain the lifestyle she was used to. I love that it says “BLIND DOG” Helpful for the traveling dog like her so people are made aware she can’t see them. Walking her in the city, I worried kids might rush her with some of the other designs thinking it was a costume – which could put everyone in a precarious situation. I highly recommend this model!

  18. James Evans

    Muffin’s Halo gives me some piece of mind whenever I have to leave her alone in the house. Excellent invention.

  19. Cathy Bayless

    My sweet Comrad. A boxer mix boy sadly got diabetes and then went blind. It was so frightening to watch him trying to get around. I found Muffi s Blind dog Halo and ordered it right away. I was amazed to find him navigating his was around with so much more confidence. Our family members were so happy to see him safe and happy once again. Thanks for inventing such a Needed and Wonderful product for our loving blind family members!

  20. Kay Long (verified owner)

    The halo helped our JoJo dog when he developed cataracts. First, it was diabetes – then the blindness. With the wings, he quickly learned to make his way around our home, including the large backyard. Now he can go for walks again without running into things. A great addition to his wardrobe,

  21. Melynda (verified owner)

    I adopted my boy from a shelter He was 10 years old. He was blind in one eye and losing sight in the other. I took him to the vet to see if anything could be done. It turns out that his vision loss was caused by trauma. Surgery was not an option. He only has 3-5% vision in one eye. Meaning he can only see shadows and that’s only in optimal conditions in full bright light. A friend found this website for me so I had my vet measure him and I immediately ordered one. As soon as I received it I put it on him. My boy is used to wearing sweaters so he was not uncomfortable with this on at all. It took only minutes for him to realize he was safe from running into walls. He no longer squinted his little eyes in fear of running into things or did the scared walk when he thought he was getting close to a door or chair He literally had the pep back in his step. If my heart could smile, it was smiling. The best and funniest part, was when he couldn’t navigate around something, he knew it was the halo that was stopping him, so he would grab the halo in his mouth and turn it sideways and squeeze through. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Watching him run carefree at the dog park and not have to take slow steps in fear of bumping his head is worth every penny. Muffins halo truly gave my dog his life back and put a smile on my face. My boy, my best friend is having fun again, he’s being a dog again, he’s running, he’s playing, he’s charming strangers and making friends. Thank you!!!!

  22. Laurie Kelley (verified owner)

    My boy, Roux, is a rescue. Who rescued who is still up for debate. :)

    When he came to his forever home, Roux had very dry eyes that had obvious trauma to them. I don’t know what that baby went through before he came home to me, but I promised that he’d not be in pain again if ever I could help it.

    His eyes worsened and I was faced with the decision to remove his eyes or leave them to possibly pop. He was in constant pain because of them. He’s no longer in pain and has no eyes. He’s the sweetest blind shih tzu you’ll meet!

    Since he went from almost blind but could still see shadows to completely blind, I looked for a way to help him navigate this world without injuring himself.

    Enter Muffin’s Halo!

    Muffin’s Halo is the perfect buffer between Roux and every sharp corner, wall, door and piece of furniture. I appreciate the Halo so much! Thank you for helping me keep my promise to Roux.

  23. Kay Long (verified owner)

    JoJo the Dog-Faced Boy is our little, blind Shih Tzu mix has now been blind for almost 3 years. I ordered his Muffin’s Halo after a search to find the product. With his halo he can visit all his “fans” at the vets office and go for walks with Mom without danger to his eyes. He knows his home and his backyard (until the grandchildren move something) but anywhere else he travels safely with his Halo. Please keep manufacturing for other vision-challenged dogs.

  24. Gayle Thompspn

    The halo really stops the dog from walking into walks, bushes, whatever…. I am glad to be able to help the dog navigate in new environments.

  25. elisa germain (verified owner)

    My girls Halo gave her back her confidence and we felt more at ease that she would not get injured. Thanks so much for providing such a high quality product. I am so thankful and my girl had her independence back. :)

  26. Jan Olin Nakamura / Hawaii (verified owner)

    Aloha All, Elmo Koichi Nakamura is our son’s name, born east Honolulu, Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua, 14 and 5 months vintage. Diagnosed with GME – an immune problem which brought on Optic Neuritis – inflamed optic nerves temporarily blinded Elmo about seven years ago. With the excellent care from Dr. Maya Yamagata, top veterinarian opthamalogist, and hour circle of specialists, Elmo regained his sight. Unfortunately the GME disease has caused near complete vision loss. Muffin’s Halo does help buffer and guide Elmo along with his other senses on a safer path.
    As Silvie has studied and conveyed to us all, the halo does provide some self confidence and building of knowledge for our pets. April 9th, 2019 about two months now that Elmo has been helped by his Muffin’s Halo.

  27. Teresa Sims

    Sunny came into rescue totally blind in one and and very limited vision in the other. She was walking into walls and doors. She received her Muffin’s Halo from Second Chance for Blind dogs and nothing can stop her now.

  28. Kay Turner (verified owner)

    This really helped my 11 yo blind Lhasa Apso navigate, and gave the signal to others she is blind.

    Perhaps the greatest testimony I can give, is that after her initial adjustment period, she has become sooo confident that we rarely need to use the Halo now. She learned to negotiate her surroundings, to respond to “whoops” commands when she was near bumping an object, and in general, is back to our sassy, outgoing girl.

  29. Antonia Reed (verified owner)

    I had one for my Shih Tzu Bandido. He didn’t wear it in the house as we have bee living here for awhile and he knew the place plus he had some sight. We used it out and about so people wouldn’t approach him too quickly to startle him. He had other issues and passed away December 1st 2018 in my arms at home. I contacted Muffins’s Halo and they gave me the address for Second Chances so I sent it there so that another dog could use it.

  30. Heather Simmons (verified owner)

    Tyler, my 14 year old Maltese, has diabetes. He lost vision in one eye and about a year later the other one went. I worried about how he would adapt and find his way around. I heard about the halo and immediately ordered one. I actually got it about a week before he went totally blind. It helps him so much! He taps it against the wall to find his way. He has truly done so well with it and I’m truly blessed that I found something to help my fur baby in such a great way. I highly recommend it. He has had it a year now and he has shown so much freedom with moving around, I have to keep my eye on him! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  31. Roger Gee (verified owner)

    Our Chinese Crested went blind at about age nine. Along with that came behavioral and anxiety issues. I found Muffins Halo and got one simply to help keep her from running into things. She wore it about a week. She calmed down and gained a sense of confidence. She began learning her ‘paths’ and soon we were putting on her occasionally and when we went somewhere new. I was amazed at how much it helped her.

  32. Cathy (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! I wish it was available at vet clinics everywhere! It keeps my blind dog safe when she is navigating a new area. It is particularly good at protecting her eyes. Very well made and sturdy. Adjustable as well. I like that “Blind” is written on it because it alerts people around her. I highly recommend it.

  33. Lydia Ritcey (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a blind dog. My blind miniature schnauzer Zoe doesn’t mind wearing her halo at all. The “hoop” is the perfect size for Zoe so she can still move her head around and it’s not too low so her snout can move up and down without hitting it. It is sturdy too, as Zoe has ran into many hard obstacles and it hasn’t gotten bent or broken. I appreciate the fact that the top of the halo says “BLIND” in big letters, so that people will know what it is for (I chose this one specifically for this reason). Another helpful feature is the hook on the back of the coat, because this allows me to connect her leash directly to the halo, and avoid having an additional collar or harness.

  34. Priscilla Shoulders

    Muffins Halo has been the best investment for my Winston. He suffers from SARDS and the Halo has given him so much i independence. I’m forever grateful to Muffin’s Halo.

  35. Teri Hummel (verified owner)

    Bought this halo for our blind little guy before he passed. He didn’t get the chance to use it much, but when he did, it saved him from bumping into a lot of things at places he wasn’t used to. Made VERY well! Very pleased with design and durability. I would highly recommend this product. Prompt and courteous customer service. Fast shipping. So happy we found this. Have since contacted a rescue for blind dogs in PA and donated our sweet babies halo for another to have.

  36. Michele Grey

    My little fatty mixed-terrier Jack only had one eye to begin with when we got him from the shelter. He got diabetes and went completely blind. We were devastated and I cried and cried. Then I found Muffin’s Halo and it turned out to be great for us. Before the halo, he was bumping into things non-stop, especially on his walks. His poor nose was becoming raw. Thank you Muffin’s Halo, for making our lives easier.

  37. Wendy Hug

    My Bubba boy was so happy to be gifted with a Muffin’s Halo. He was a blind and almost deaf 11 y/o Pug who had been a diabetic since I rescued him almost 3 yrs ago. He did really great with it as it helped him tremendously when he was away from his usual place. I absolutely recommend this for any dog that needs assistance with getting around. The quality is fantastic and well worth every penny!
    I have since lost my sweet boy but am waiting to donate to another in need so Bubba can pay it forward!

  38. Edith

    My dog’s cataracts are inoperable due to their position. I find that having the halo and harness on in public lets people know to not just run up and scare her by petting her with no warning. It also has provoked discussion about adopting special needs pets.

  39. Lisa Grant (verified owner)

    My 9 yo poodle x suddenly went blind due to Sudden Onset Retinal Dysfunction. The Halo definitely helped stop him from running into furniture, while he became used to his blindness. He became more confident with his Halo on, and he could lie down quite comfortably with it on.

  40. Dustin Jevne

    My best friend Gizmo went blind due to diabetes. He had underlying conditions that prevented his body from regulating his blood sugar. No amount of insulin worked. Switching insulin also didn’t work. After he went blind I got him a Muffin’s Halo. It helped him to bounce off things he would’ve otherwise bumped into. It was a helpful device.

  41. George Dennis (verified owner)

    Yoda our Chiweenie was 13 this past July 2020, lost his sight this past spring 2020, cloudy eyes from cataracts, depression set in, in July I got his halo, he learned pretty quickly that he would no longer bump his face, as he takes off at a trot like he can see where he is going, like a person with a cane, it doesn’t faze him when it makes contacts with a anything, tree bush rock fence vehicle, just feels his way around (or I redirect him with verbal commands) and he keeps on going, he doesn’t need at home inside, I only put it on when going outside

  42. Carolyn Brewer

    I purchased this halo a couple of years ago and the quality is nice. Muffin’s Halo graciously exchanged the halo part when it was too large for my pug. Being portly, he required a bigger vest but smaller halo. It sure helped him get around and I am grateful for that even though he has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. This is a lifesaver for blind dogs.

  43. Annoula Wylderich

    I sponsor a blind and deaf senior dog at a local rescue. He loves to roam, but would often run into walls, doors, furniture, other dogs, etc. I could see he was struggling a bit.
    Muffin’s Halo has given him much more assurance and a sense of security. It fits comfortably and I’ve watched him avoid walking into big boulders at the local park where the Halo has diverted him. What I also like about the device is that it does not obstruct dogs from reaching their water or food dishes and it’s adjustable. Best of all, they do look like angels with the Halo and wing-like backing. Great product for our blind furry family members who need a little extra help to safely navigate their way around.

  44. Sally (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo saved our dog’s life!
    Our 12 year-old Bichon/Poodle mix, Lucy, was diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) a few days after we noticed her missing and reaching for steps with her front paws. It truly was sudden! Always an active, fetch-the-ball obsessed, fun-loving dog, she became depressed and confused. She bumped and clunked around the house, and constantly rubbed at her eyes, as if she was trying to get them to open. Then we saw Muffin’s Halo on line and once we put it on her, she almost immediately gained the confidence needed to follow her nose and go anywhere without bumping headlong into things. She wore it in the house for a couple of weeks, but soon only needed it for daily outside jaunts. Her depression lifted almost immediately and now she even goes to doggie day care and trolls around the grounds with her halo leading the way. THANK YOU to Silvie for bringing Lucy back to a full and happy life.

  45. Ronnie

    Helps our 13 year old Cocker Spaniel get around without bumping into things, especially things that could hurt her. It’s comfortable for her and so so helpful.

  46. Laurie

    My dog is blind and a diabetic. Muffin’s Halo has given her freedom back. She no longer hurts herself trying to get around. It’s warms my heart seeing her get around on her own. Muffin’s Halo is a beautiful thing! Thank you Muffin’s Halo!

  47. Mya

    Our sugar boy Bucky uses his halo outside. It gives us the confidence to let him be on his own. He’s a big boy, part maremma, Kuvasc and Great Pyrenees so getting exercise is important. The Labelling is great for alerting people to approach with caution and it opens a conversation that blind dogs can live a good life.
    Thank you for his halo it’s made a world of difference to our family.

  48. Karyn Rasmussen (verified owner)

    My Boston Terrier still has his eyes, but is blind. Muffin’s Halo helps him enjoy the outdoors without eye injury or pain. Thank you for what you do!

  49. Vicki H

    I’m a registered vet tech with a suddenly blind cattle dog. I bought a knock off halo from another manufacturers and it bent and broke. Muffins Halo has been a life saver. I’m no longer worried about his arrogant self running head on into things.

  50. Jessica Bevil

    So grateful for this harness, I cannot imagine having my blind pup without it. This harness gives him freedom to walk around on his own while I am away from the house. He loves the harness and it causes no discomfort to him either. Highly recommend and so thankful this exists. Thank you Muffin’s halo ????????❤️


    My dog Chumlee was diagnosed with SARDS on 03/23/2021 and went blind within a matter of days. Muffins Halo has been a godsend to help him navigate and I can’t thank Sivlie enough for her generosity! She came up with the best invention to help blind dogs around the world & the Halo is a must have!! :)

  52. Rebecca

    Our Max went blind due to cataracs and being a Diabetic,his halo sure makes it safe for him to walk around our yard,and in the house protects him from bumping his nose into everything and possibly hurting his eyes.This is such an awesome creation.Its light weight and doesnt bother him at all wearing it.Thank you So Much for your generousity.

  53. Carrie

    Muffins Halo has been a wonderful tool to help our dog navigate the loss of his vision. We’d ordered another kind of halo and it didn’t fit right. This halo has been wonderful.

  54. Kayla

    My 16 year old Chinese crested had to have an eye removed in December and suddenly lost sight in his remaining eye a month later. This harness was such a life changer for him! After he went blind he was too afraid to move around my home, now he wanders around like it’s nothing. It also helps prevent him from injuring himself by running into things and helps keep him from getting stuck in certain areas of the home. It’s lightweight, easy to put together, and doesn’t bother him at all. I highly recommend!

  55. Jimmy

    Excellent product! My Dachshund needed this years ago. While my dog knows our house fairly well, when we take him somewhere new its very beneficial. He’s managed to hurt his eyes before he had this. Thankful for options like this.

  56. Anna

    My senior Boston Terrier has very bad cataracts and lost his sight. He was having trouble navigating our house causing him to crash into walls, doors and stumble regularly. Our Muffins Halo was a game changer for him! It fits really well, is easy to put on him and adjust to his size. I love that the halo velcros on to the vest, making it extremely easy to remove quickly when necessary. I can’t recommend Muffins Halo enough, it is such an amazing invention. ❤❤

  57. Yuki

    My 11-year-old shiba has auto-immune disease and cataract. He can only see shadows under light. We newly move to UK from Hong Kong and it’s a hard time for him to live with totally new environment. Thanks to Muffin’s Halo. He loves it when we put the Halo on him. He learns not to bump into walls and fences. He can now walk freely at home and in parks. He is even safe when we move to new home too. Many thanks to Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs.

  58. Kathy Schnell

    My elderly chihuahua became blind suddenly this year. I don’t know how we would have managed without our Muffin’s Halo. It has helped her to more confidently navigate her surroundings both inside and outside the house. She doesn’t hesitate to walk around the house or the yard as much when she is wearing her halo. And it is very well engineered and well built. This thing will wear like iron, but it seems perfectly comfortable for her to wear.It only took a short time for her to become accustomed to wearing it. Muffin’s Halo has really been a lifesaver.

  59. Ros Bain

    What a well designed, light weight, easy to fit and use product!
    We had tried a traditional plastic cone on our Pug/Boston Terrier mix, post eye removal surgery, and he wouldn’t even walk forward!! Other collars/cones did NOT work, in that either they weren’t tolerated by our dog or they wouldn’t prevent him from bumping into things. We even tried a fancy visor, cut it to size only to have him flail around dangerously in attempts to get it off. He even got it caught across his swollen, delicate incision!!
    Muffin’s Halo is sturdy but light weight. Our newly blind dog did not protest against wearing it, which was more than half the battle for us.
    For timid or anxious dogs, I would recommend that people adjust the halo/pillow portion after taking it off your dog. Placing it onto the vest was no problem, but the sound of the strong Velcro when I tried to readjust it made him panic. The only other issue, that was specific to our situation perhaps, was that our small puppy would jump on the halo portion, or go underneath it and sort of get caught/caged (which is what she wanted, but our older dog did not) next to our blind dog’s face (the puppy is jealous of any attention given to our older dog – this is a training issue for us, not something that could be fixed in the design of the product).

  60. Hannah

    We received the silver Blind Muffin’s Halo as a donation from an angel, and it has made such a difference for our sweet hound dog Stevie. He grew up seeing, but came to us already blind due to retinas damaged by uncontrolled high blood pressure. He generally bops around a new environment until he gets the lay of the land, but we always worry for his nose and eyes during that process. Not anymore! With the halo on, he is so much more independent in new places, and can learn his way around without bonking his snout. I love having the one that says blind, as it helps others understand that he can’t see them approach and seems to also encourage them to approach us to hear his story. The halo and harness are sturdy and so easy to get on and off. Many thanks!

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