Blind Dog Halo Black Braille

Blind Dog Halo Black Braille

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Please see sizing chart below to determine the size of your Blind Dog for our product - We are NOT STANDARD SIZES.

Please measure your Blind Dog's Girth = fattest area on the body (this could be the chest or the belly). It is different for each dog. Please order the size your blind dog's girth measurement falls under on our size chart.


Muffin’s Halo Black Braille ® is a 3 piece must-have device that helps blind dogs transition. Becoming familiar with existing or new surroundings quickly. It starts as a harness wrapped snug around a dog’s neck and torso. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo attaches to the wing and when placed on the neck of the harness, the halo is just above the eye level.

Now the halo acts as a buffer to safeguard a blind dog’s head, nose, face and shoulders from bumping into hard surfaces. As the halo taps hard surfaces, it sends a signal to the dog alerting them to go in a different direction. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise. Wearing the harness also makes them feel cuddled and less anxious.

Muffin’s Halo Black Braille Info:

Material: Lightweight and comfortable, made out of polyester/cotton twill and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Muffin’s Halo Black Braille does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with it on.

Care Instructions For Wing and Harness: Cold water machine/delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach. Halo can be cleaned with a baby wipe or damp cloth. The fabric on Muffin’s Halo Black Braille is a durable water resistant nylon pack cloth.

Muffins Halo Sizing Chart

Assembly and Care Instructions

81 reviews for Blind Dog Halo Black Braille

  1. Karen Sidell

    I purchased a halo after my dog went blind a number of years ago. The halo allows my dog the opportunity to navigate independently without running into things. It is nice that there are a variety of products to assist our pups as they age. I happen to have a cavalier that has exceeded his lifespan by many years. He is currently 16 years old. Thank you for helping with his sunset years.

  2. Tina (verified owner)

    We are using the Black Braille Halo with our lab who has progressively lost his vision over the past year and has been blind for several months. We have been using the halo for a month now and it has helped protect our dog’s eyes and face – he would get small abrasions from running into things at home. He still likes to fetch and although he is almost 11 years old, still moves abruptly during his favorite pastime. The halo will hit walls and obstacles before his nose and will often slow him down to a safer speed. He is 90 lbs and relatively heathy proportions. We ordered the size according to the measurement chart provided on the website and are happy with the fit. The Velcro fasteners allow for some adjusting to fit snugly. We often play fetch with the halo attached, then remove it and leave the harness part on in-between games. He is pretty used to the harness after hearing the Velcro a couple times and no longer startles. I would recommend this for your dog if you’re thinking about getting one.

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! Our blind/90% deaf dog (no eyes) is doing much better after his enucleation surgery thanks to Muffin’s Halo. I got a personal email with some sizing questions to ensure a great fit prior to my order shipping, which was nice! Can’t believe that rush shipping from California to Vancouver, BC was $100, but it’s what we do for our babies!!
    Easy to put on, exceptional quality and strength, I can see how other brands can become wobbly and dangerous if not made this well. My only thing is I would prefer snaps to velcro as I have a very nervous little guy right now and its pretty alarming when half his body is suddenly torn with a 4×8 strip of (very strong) velcro. This is a great product!! So cute with the simple “Blind” message as I didn’t want to attract attention to him with a costume style.

  4. Erin (verified owner)

    I have a carin terrier it works well for him, we use it when we go outside. It gives me peace of mind that he wont run into a tree or the house and get injured. He doesnt seem to mind it when it’s on him either.

  5. Ivan (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with the Muffin’s Black Braille Halo.

    My blind Sheppard stopped bumping his head into walls inside the house after a week of use. Currently, we are taking it off at home because our pup doesn’t seem to like to wear the halo 24 hours a day, so we just put it on him when we go for a walk.

    The device perfectly protects his head and he actually has never hurt himself since we began using it. Delivery to Calgary was a bit pricey and took longer than expected. Other than that, no complaints.

    I definitely recommend this product.

  6. Cassandra VanderSloot

    Our dog, Meatball, is thriving with his halo! We were so very thankful to have it donated to us by the angels. Meatball is comfortable in his halo and is well protected. It puts us as ease to know that his little head is protected while he runs around outside. The halo is a great product that changed the life of our blind dog.

  7. Terry W

    Mahoney did really well with his Muffin Halo. Thank you for donating this for our blind rescue dog!

  8. Kelly G

    My lil girl Pixie is a brand new dog ever since we got the Muffin Halo. She now walks all over the yard and house with complete confidence! I love that I can now actually see her real personality, Thanks Muffins Halo!

  9. Cathy

    The Muffins Halo is absolutely brilliant! My little Ralphie who lost his eye after being attacked by a dog and then lost his sight in his other eye due to age related cataracts, can now navigate his way around without bumping into things. He has gained so much confidence and independence since having the Muffins Halo. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone with a blind dog. ?????

  10. Lauri Julian

    I have Halos for three of my dogs and they work so well. I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone to help their blind or even seeing impaired dogs. It keeps them safe by not bumping their heads into things and it gives them confidence when walking around. They can still eat, drink and lay down while wearing it. One suggestion – if it does slip a bit around their body, try a light t-shirt to help it stay in place. Also, when they are in a safe place or sleeping at night, they don’t need to wear it 24/7. It seems very comfortable for them though, It is worth the money; the quality and design are very good. Thank you Muffin’s Halo for this very helpful product!

  11. David G Sorafine

    We are so thankful for our Muffin’s Halo. It’s durable, well made and enables our blind dog to motor around the backyard without us having to worry about him bumping into things.

  12. Leslie Carr

    This is a great product for my blind pup, gives her a greatn amount of freedom to explore without having to worry about eye injuries

  13. Carole Whittington

    I am so proud of my little Tiny Tina in her Muffins Halo, its awesome. It helps her so much from getting hurt since it bumps into things before she can. She is 1 yrs old and was a rescue dog. She is very patient and learning how to get around in her Halo real well. When I take her for a short walk I can just hook unto the Halo, it works perfectly. Tine has been fully blind now for going on 4 months. I sure recommend the Muffins Halo to anyone with a blind dog, you would be amazed at the difference it makes for them.

  14. Gloria R Padgett

    Wish I could give Muffin’s Halo 10 stars. I adopted Aretha Franklin from a county shelter 8 months ago. She was already blind. The Halo has given her a new lease on life. Unlike a lot of blind dogs, Aretha didn’t slow her pace at all due to blindness. She ran full speed, head on into objects (and other dogs). Muffin’s Halo has saved her many hard knocks. She has no trouble eating, drinking or napping in it. She also still manages to use my doggie door. BIG THANK YOU TO MUFFIN’S HALO FOR BLIND DOGS. We love it.

  15. Gloria R Padgett

    I wish I could give Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs 10 starts. Aretha Franklin was already blind when I adopted her from our county shelter 9 months ago. Some dogs slow down and move more cautiously when they lose their vision —- NOT ARETHA. She ran full speed, head on into objects, trees, fences and other dogs! Muffin’s Halo has been a godsend for her. No more bumped heads!!! She loves it. She eats, drinks, and naps with it on. She still uses the doggie door too. If you have a blind dog please get a Halo.

  16. Suzanne Rabauer

    Muffins Halo has been an absolute blessing for my 9-year old Maltese. Diagnosed with SARDS in February 2020, she was completely blind overnight. It was heartbreaking to watch her struggle with each step she took – bumping into walls and furniture. Since getting her Muffin Halo, my baby Birkin is doing 100% better – with an added layer of protection, my baby is much more confident as she learns to relearn and map the inside of our house and her walking path outside. You can read a blurb from Birkin’s story here.

  17. Russ Howard

    I recently received a Muffin’s Halo for my 13 year old blind Cockapoo. Since receiving the Halo my dog has a renewed confidence in finding his way around our residence. Further wearing the Halo protects him from injuring his head. I highly recommend this product.

  18. Mary Lou Ogden

    Living in Tucson, AZ there are lots of cacti outside and my Springer Spaniel Sully found the ones in our natural landscaped yard. The Muffin’s Halo has helped so much in keeping him for bumping his nose into cactus spines. I can’t tell you how well it works for him. Thank you so much for designing this device and making it safer for our blind dogs to feel and be safer.

  19. Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

    Marie’s new halo!
    Marie our seven month old German shepherd foster pup received her halo in warp speed time.
    She was patient as I put it on her for the first time curiously taking in the procedure which was quick and easy.
    Her first time with it on she was unsure of it as it bumped her back from the fence, the door and from me, but from my perspective it was already protecting her!
    She caught on to it by her second outing she was navigating quite confidently.
    We are hoping this will be a wonderful aid to her as she tries to navigate her new surroundings when the time comes to move to her new home.
    Thank you for this wonderful gift!

  20. Susan Mandell

    A huge shout out to Muffin’s Halo and Second Chances for Blind Dogs. Hope has been with us here at Small Senior Paws Retirement Village for almost five years. Over time her vision, hearing, and memory has faded.

    Hope is a senior dog (approx. 14 years) who is deaf and blind and her dementia is getting worse. Since she is increasingly bumping into walls, we decided to apply for a Muffins Halo for Hope. The halo doesn’t stress Hope out at all and it does help her from bumping into walls.

    Thank you and God Bless the Angel(s) that donated the Muffin’s Halo so Hope’s life is better. I am sure other dogs here at the SSPRV could also benefit in the future from having the halo here. I strongly recommend Muffin’s Halo For Blind Dogs. ?

  21. Carolyn Hargraves Stuart

    My boy Dexter always followed his nose and when he went blind a couple months ago he kept running into things and smacking his head on walls. We got him fitted into a black Braille Blind Muffins Halo and let him explore. It only took him a couple of minutes to adjust to the harness and he’s injury free. Now that it’s summertime and the flies are out he’s on the hunt in the house and his halo keeps him from hurting himself as he frantically searches for the buzzing. I’m so happy he can be the dog he was before he lost his sight.
    Thanks Muffin’s Halo for helping my boy find his way better.
    Carolyn H and Dexter Doodle Dog

  22. Tonya Carter

    I received Muffin’s Halo as a gift for my dog Rocky who went blind a month later after been diagnosed with Diabetes . This truly is a blessing . It gives him the independence to roam the house freely without hurting himself .

  23. bridie

    we were lucky enough in our refuge to be donated a halo for our blind diabetic dog guida. she is only tiny but took to it so well, straight away utilizing it to not bump into things..we can now cut the hair away from her eyes that’s been her protection for the last 2 years! thank you to everyone who took the time to help this little dog in portugal :)

  24. Cheryl Gassler

    Baleigh’s new sight! Thank you Muffins Halo for the wonderful gift to let our little girl get around. She is no longer afraid of bumping into things.

  25. Tammy Hatch

    I received a Muffin’s Halo for one of my blind diabetics who was not adjusting well to being blind. Within hours of putting it on her, she figured it out and was happily navigating throughout the house. Before getting the halo Victoria would spend her days just laying on her bed and not really interacting with anyone. Now she is always up and exploring. She has even begun playing with toys again. Muffin’s Halo gave my dog her life back! I highly recommend this to anyone with a blind dog.

  26. Vanessa collard

    Thank you the Muffin Halo for my Oscar who went blind due to diabetes. Oscar is getting used to wearing his halo when we go out walking but we still have some fit issues, maybe next size up would have been better as he’s gained a little weight ! However, he is very happy wearing the halo and it does on the whole help prevent him bumping into rocks and walls that get in his way.
    I can highly recommend this halo but if ordering from the uk be aware of fed ex charges .

  27. Debrah Shpak

    My Chico went blind from SARDS ,it’s a horrible disease! Watching him bump into things was heartbreaking! I feel so much better since having his muffin halo to help protect him! Thank you so much!

  28. Heather St Jules

    I was really  impressed by the quality and construction of the Halo.  It fits Milo like a glove. The handwritten note was a very  nice gesture.  I didn’t really understand how much the Halo would increase Milo’s independence,  until we put in on him today. Milo stayed outside by himself and  explored the back yard throughout the afternoon. I watched him bump into objects with the Halo on, he would move a little and keep on exploring    It  was wonderful sight to see. I can’t wait to put it on him  and take him for  a walk  back to his favorite spot  “the Duck Pond”. We haven’t  been since he lost his sight.  I believe  the Halo  is going to allow myself and  Milo a new found freedom.  As he  becomes comfortable with wearing the Halo and   bumping into things safelty,  I believe  his new found confidence will increase and my need to hoover over him will decrease.

  29. Cindy Hoepker

    My little Yorkie, Abbie, can go outside with confidence with her Muffin’s Halo. She knows she will bump the halo before running into any obstacles. The halo has been a life changer for Abbie and it is the only device we found that really makes a difference. Thank you, Muffin’s Halo!

  30. Jai

    Bella loves her halo ???? and we do too. She’s been able to walk With so much confidence. Bella is 11 years old, she has got her sport back in life able to walk with her pop friends and play with them. We are so grateful. I highly recommend this Product.

  31. Diana Bennett

    We are so happy that AllyKat has the halo to help her inside and outside our home. It has made a huge difference in her confidence to maneuver wherever she is.
    The halo is a godsend, huge blessing.
    Thank you!

  32. piedipalumbo

    ce halo est juste devenu indispensable pour mon chien aveugle ! facile à mettre , léger , et surtout grâce à lui , mon chien ne se cogne plus ! c’est une fabuleuse invention, validée par mon vétérinaire !

  33. Diana Bennett

    We are very happy to have received a Halo for our AllyKat.
    This has been a godsend.
    AllyKat is now able to maneuver our home and yard with confidence.
    The fit is perfect.
    Thank you so much!

  34. Tina Mynsberge

    My Bella is enjoying her Halo so much! No more bumping her nose into things or worse yet her head! I sent in the measurement and it for perfectly and was great quality! Very happy with the quick shipping and quality!

  35. Sunni Purl

    When our little boy, Bear, lost his eyesight practically overnight, we were devastated! Seeing him go from a playful “puppy” , he is 10 1/2 years old, to bumping into everything and barely walking, was heartbreaking. Thanks to Silvie and Muffin’s Halo, our sweet boy can move about without hurting himself. It is ingenious!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!????

  36. Nikki Frisone

    Our Enzo received his halo and is able to move around much easier because of it. Thank you so much!

  37. Aimee

    My dog Archie went blind due to his type-1 diabetes. While he learned his way around our house pretty well, anytime we go somewhere new, he is completely lost and bumping into things. I have the ability to take him to work with me, but him being blind has been difficult because I have to keep an eye on him at all times to make sure he is safe. With Muffin’s Halo I can bring him with me to work and other unfamiliar places and not have to worry about him! He gets around with ease with the Halo and I think it really makes him feel confident! I was super impressed by the quality construction of the Halo. It is made really well, and fits him perfectly! Thank you so much for what you are doing for blind dogs!

  38. Venus

    My Foster, senior dog received his Muffin’s Halo Harness very fast. It has helped him so much not only to get around the house but also when going for walks. He loves going for walks and sniffing around, without the Halo Harness he used to bump into trees or fences sometimes before I could pull him away. He now, walks with no problem of bumping into anything.
    The material of the vest is very durable. The velcro is very strong.
    The vest is also washable, and the halo attaches quite nicely to the vest.
    He also looks even more adorable wearing the Halo <3

  39. Denise White

    Muffins Halo has been such a blessing for Sassy, my 7 year old blind dog. She was so depressed and fearful when she lost her sight. But after getting her Halo, she is gaining her confidence and has even started to run again. It has made me feel better, knowing that she won’t smash her face into things. I would highly recommend a Muffins Halo to anyone that has a blind dog.

  40. Tonya Nunn

    Before my blind dog received his halo, he ran into almost everything. Now with the halo, it’s helped him from continuously bumping his poor head and nose into walls, chairs, you name it. It works very well, it’s easy to put on and is really good quality.

  41. Stacie Feise

    What an absolutely brilliant product for blind dogs! My Lilly is a Pug and especially prone to eye injuries given her breed, with Muffin’s Halo she doesn’t bump into the corners of doors and walls. I highly recommend purchasing this particularly Halo due to its well fitting design and it does what it’s supposed to. Really happy and so is Lilly.

  42. susan gill

    We are so grateful for the Muffin’s Halo, and very proud to be part of their family. It’s very hard to watch your dog go blind and run into walls and doors. But Muffin’s Halo has given our Handle the freedom to walk around without fear. He is back to his bouncy old self again. Thank you so much for this immeasurable gift of peace of mind!

  43. Lisa Close

    We were lucky enough to receive a free halo and are so great full. It works like a charm. We mainly use it with our Lola outside as she’s not as familiar with the outside as she is with the inside of our house. She feels the bump and immediately backs up without bumping her little head! This product is a must have for blind dogs, I I highly recommend it!

  44. Elizabeth Walker

    Hank came from a rescue and had went thru 5 homes. One year after having Hank he was diagnosed with diabetes. Hank has always been an anxious dog and with recently losing his sight his anxiety had gotten worse and he did not want to do the things he loved. Muffins Halos has help Hank out greatly and he is back to going outside and up to the barn to bark at the birds while protecting his property. Muffins Halo’s truly work and will hopefully give your blind dog confidence again like it did Hank. Thank you so much Muffins Halo for giving my dog back some of his freedom.

  45. Terra L Schmidt

    I just love this product! It gives my pup so much more confidence when she is navigating tricky areas. I definitely feel as though it protects her face and eyes from any harm. Thank you!

  46. Diana Bordeaux (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for restoring my Blind Dog’s confidence! He is so happy again and so am I!!
    This is the best Blind Dog Halo on the market.

  47. Monique Garneau

    Diabetes and at 7 blindness. This device is a life saver and a huge relief. He still thinks he can run and do things like normal. The crashes became more intense, the halo has helped save him from himself! It shows up well so others see him when he does not see them. Peace of mind for us fur baby parents. Huge thank you and stay safe.

  48. Heather Wheeler (verified owner)

    I love this product! I order one for any of my blind foster dogs (I’ve had a few!) and this gives them so much confidence as they learn the layout. It also gives me peace of mind that their little face is protected. It is easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy to take on/off and the dogs love it! Will definitely continue to buy!

  49. Megan Schrum (verified owner)

    My saving grace for my anxiety and sanity that comes along with having not only a blind dog but, a young energetic blind dog! My dog doesn’t mind wearing it at all and is able to move around and sleep in it comfortably. I love that it allows him to still play while also keeping him safe. I can’t praise it enough because this is the best invention for blind dogs and the quality is great!

  50. Cheryl Morley

    After my diabetic dog had cataract surgery and went blind, I came across muffins halo. I did an application and even though I am in a different continent they sent me a muffins halo for Alfie. I am so grateful for their kindness. muffins halo is really well thought out and made, its comfortable for Alfie and not heavy, and most importantly it prevents him banging

  51. Jasmin Gabay

    Muffin’s Halo is the original invention made for dogs out of love. The angel Halo prevents my blind Maltese from hitting her head as she explores and navigates her surrounding. If you cannot afford a Muffin’s Halo, You can get on from Second Chances for Blind Dogs. There is no reason to worry for your blind dog.

  52. Kaitlyn Brunet

    I am so grateful to have found Muffins Halo for my blind pup! The diagnosis was unexpected and happened very quickly after a diagnosis of diabetes. The halo has worked wonders giving my dog confidence in walking, running and hiking. Thank you so much!

  53. Abby Harris

    The halo is the best in the market because it’s custom-made to fit the dog. Fits perfectly and the materials used are gentle. Thanks to Second Chances for Blind Dogs organization for helping our dog get this halo. It has helped so much.

  54. Winta Feane

    My little girl “Pearl” loves wearing her Muffins Halo and I swear she doesn’t seem so scared when she moves about…especially outside.
    Being that she’s 16 years old and suffers not only from complete deafness and now blindness, she has also been diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disorder/Dementia.
    Pearl has had a wonderful and well loved life and having the ability to get around a little easier and with more confidence now that she has her Muffins Halo, has been a God send.
    I cannot thank you enough for helping my Pearl get around more confidently and making her sunset years happier, a little easier and more pleasurable for us both. I highly recommend a Muffins Halo for anyone with a blind pup.


    We are so thankful for the Muffin’s Halo that was sent to our little blind foster dog, Nellie. She was continually bumping into anything and everything before receiving her halo. Now with her halo, she is much more confident in navigating the house. I am sure she appreciates the buffer between her, the wall, the furniture, etc and her little head and nose does too!! When Nellie is adopted we will of course send her halo with her to her new home. The halo will definitely make her transition of learning how to navigate her new surroundings much easier. Thank you so very much for making life easier for so many blind dogs with your product. It truly makes a difference when a product is made from love, as yours proves to be! Nellie says THANK YOU!

  56. Patarin Phadungpisuth

    Since my dog Kluay-Hom got the Halo Wing, it really helps her to navigate for walking. It protects her from bumping anything in front of her when she walks. I really recommend this halo wing to all blind dogs. I love it so much. its really fit well with Kluay-Hom. I love the quality of this wing.

  57. Fstathia

    I am so grateful for everything you did for us!
    Hugo has much more confidence wearing the Muffin’s Halo now that he is blind! The most important thing is that the halo protects him from bumping everywhere, especially during thunderstorms that scare him so!
    It is very easy to wear, lightweight, perfectly adjustable and very stable!
    The perfect protection for my blind dog!
    I cannot thank you enough!

  58. Kiley Krause

    We all are so thankful for Nanook’s halo. He is able to be himself again and I don’t have to worry about him getting hurt. Silvie and the team has been so helpful with getting Nanook the right size. We are so glad he is going to be protected for the rest of his life with his halo.

  59. Michelle Gennaro

    Muffins halo for blind dogs Has giving my dog his confidence to walk freely again we are so grateful for this product it is made life with a blind dog much easier

  60. Francesca De Bei

    Il mio Teo ha 17 anni e da 2 anni è completamente cieco. Da quando stiamo utilizzando il muffin’s halo finalmente può andare in giardino senza sbattere la testa. È un collare fantastico e soprattutto molto comodo per i cani. Teo sin dal primo giorno si è trovato benissimo. Adesso non possiamo più farne a meno. Ottimo prodotto. Grazie di cuore

  61. Kate (verified owner)

    Chubby loves his halo and has gained back confidence! The best puppy purchase so far! Thank you!

  62. George

    Our pup (Neiko) is a 15-year old Wired Haired Fox Terrier that went blind 6 months ago. For several months Neiko banged into everything and sometimes injured himself. Three months ago I selected the Halo because of the positive reviews. The staff helped me select the correct size for Neiko. The Halo has helped Neiko regain his confidence to move faster inside our home and on our deck. The Halo also fits around Neiko’s jacket that he wears when it snows or is cold. The quality of the product is first class and we our thrilled to have the Halo for Neiko.

  63. Neil Adcock (verified owner)

    The Halo helps my little girl around the house and fits her very well for a Bulldog!

  64. Michelle Gennaro

    My Thor had gone blinded Due to diabetes. The halo made his life outdoors so easy. He would walk and have no fear . His confidence was back. Amazing Thank you Halo for blind dogs.

  65. Case & Percy

    I can’t say enough good things about Muffin’s Halo. I live in New York City and adopted a blind shih-tzu named Percy a year ago. We had issues with pedestrians on the sidewalks running into him, stepping on him, just total disregard and inconsideration. We tried the angel wing halo first but most people thought it was just a costume. Then we ordered one of these guys.. It’s like a billboard for the humans and it WORKS. No more human run-ins since he’s started sporting this sweet halo! Percy was already pretty capable of getting around but the halo has allowed him to walk at a faster pace and even take the lead on our walks from time to time. After a short time he realized he could walk faster because the impact would be less severe if he was wearing the halo. He has a lot more confidence now that he isn’t running into as many things and people aren’t running into him either. We love this product! Thanks you so much Sylvie!

    Case & Percy
    New York, NY

  66. A.R.

    My dog was having so much trouble adjusting to going blind. This halo helped her so much and she stopped hurting herself.

  67. Edward Jacobs

    My Cocker Spaniel Kirby loss both his eyes to Glaucoma recently and I found Muffin’s Halo’s, Ordered one for Kirby and it was sent right away. Great Service! The Halo has given Kirby the confidence to roam around the yard again and has helped him immensely!!

  68. Denis Robinson (verified owner)

    When my dog went blind from one day to the next and was diagnosed with SARDS I was devastated. The canine ophthalmologist that diagnosed her recommended the halo to me. I immediately called Sylvie to order the halo for my now blind black lab. She was so reassuring and wonderful to talk to I felt confident that this was going to really help my dog. Muffins halo has given her back the life she had before her blindness. She can maneuver confidently in the house and outside without banging into walls or obstacles. I am so grateful for her Muffins Halo!

  69. ma. rowena quijano

    my blind dog is so lucky enough to received a FREE muffin’s halo. it does helped my dog alot and he has all the confident when wearing the muffins halo.
    we will be forever grateful ms. silvie thank you so much

  70. Kathleen Kelley

    My Schatzi has had her Halo for about a week. I am thrilled with this aid. She is moving around the house and yard without injury. She was so frightened since going blind but now she has the confidence to go out and explore the yard, sniffing and enjoying herself.

  71. Lynne Cook

    My poor boy woke up one morning completely blind brought on by diabetes. I was absolutely devasted watching him try to understand why his eyes were opened but couldn’t see. He had a very hard time navigating the house until I received Muffin’s Halo. His halo gave him so much confidence by learning how to be redirected and it only took a few days. If you walk into my house now and watch him, you’d never know he was blind. He’s gained more confidence on our hikes too. No more trees and shrubs to bang into. He just loves it. Very helpful when we go to the vet or any lithe location as the halo will help guide him and I don’t have to stress he’ll hurt himself. Highly recommend. Thank you for creating a wonderful product!

  72. Nathalie Hickman

    The best gift I could have received to help my Pug Rocky after he went blind due to cataract. He was diagnosed with diabetes November 2018, by May 2019 he was fully blind. Last year we had to remove one of his eyes. Sylvie’ Muffin Halo gave Rocky the chance of mobilization without bumping everywhere . I greatly recommend the Muffin Halo to any blind dog. Best gift for our blind babies .

  73. Deb Massett (verified owner)

    I tried a similar blind dog guide, but the hardware was just too heavy and it didn’t fit well. Muffin’s Halo is ingeniously designed to be lightweight and has given my 17-yr-old Shih Tzu Jaxson new independence, especially in the yard. After two eye injuries from bumping into things, I ordered the Halo–with a very brief adjustment period, he began navigating the house and yard with confidence and now enjoys his time in the yard. Muffin’s Halo has given me peace of mind and Jaxson a much better quality of life. I am extremely grateful for Muffins Halo!

  74. Rita O’Connell (verified owner)

    My little Bubbles, who was my father’s companion after my mother died, and is now my companion after my father died, began going blind in 2021. It started when she had cataracts in her left eye, and then by summertime both eyes were covered over by cataracts. I felt so bad when I saw her little head banging into walls and cupboards. I was to attend a wedding in Colorado in July of 2021, and knew I wouldn’t be there to help her navigate. I had remembered seeing halos on dogs in Jem and the Misfits, and so I looked up where to find them on the internet. Muffins Halo was the best one. Though it was very costly (I had to put it on my credit card), I had to buy it, in order to go with peace of mind to the wedding. The poor little baby never did develop a sense of “radar,” so this Halo has kept her little head from getting banged around. It’s quite worn out with use now in summer of 2022, and I’ll have to find a way to buy another one soon. Thank you for a wonderful product.
    Btw, I donated $25 so I could get the calendar with Bubbles’ little picture on January. I have to confess that I cut that page and when I turn over a page every month, I put Bubbles page as the picture.

  75. Stacie

    Absolutely love this for my beagle! We used it before his surgery and it was definitely a saving grace aftwerwards. It’s nice that when we have to move things in the house- we are able to protect his face! We also use it when taking him in public places to protect him. I love the design because people read it! I have patches and leash wraps warning he’s blind- never works! But this grabs attention!

  76. Diane C.

    We love that the halo and harness are two separate pieces. When we have to go somewhere, I can remove the halo and leave the harness on when I put him in his carrier. Then just put the halo on when I take him out. All others I have seen are one piece. Even my vet loved it over the halos she uses at her hospital.

    Our Muffin’s Halo is a godsend. Now I can remove all the bubble wrap I had on my furniture legs, corners of walls, etc.

  77. Nancy Guadagno (verified owner)

    My 6 yr old Shih tzu Harley was suffering from glaucoma for a few months- after not being able to control his pressure with medication we decided for a double enucleation. He only wanted to sit with me the first few days and after talking to my cousin who had gone through a similar situation we decided to order a Muffins Halo. After five minutes of wearing his halo I couldn’t believe the change in Harley’s confidence. He started walking with his head up, and wagging his tail again. He loves wearing his halo- I’d recommend it to anyone.

  78. Kimberly Bailey

    This wonderful Halo allowed my 16 year old Lhasa Apso to have his best last 6 months. He navigated my yard and my home easily after a day or so of use and even got some speed up as he learned where everything was.
    It fit great, was sturdy, easy to clean, and didn’t make any marks on my furniture or walls. Customer Service was excellent when I ordered a size too small.
    My cat would even curl up in the Halo for buddy naps. Very Sweet.
    I highly recommend this Halo.

  79. Lynn Gunderson (verified owner)

    This Halo is the best thing you could purchase for your blind dog. It is made very durable and my dog has no problem wearing it. I feel relaxed knowing she can walk around not hurting herself. She even falls asleep wearing it, the wings are like a pillow for her. Highly recommend and the price is great for the quality. Thank you Silvie

  80. Krystal Elgert (and Oscar)

    What an amazing device for the fur babies. After buying a halo from a certain website, my pup was terrified of it. We were pointed to Muffins Halo and when we received it, to say it changed his life is an understatement. Easy to use. And works to perfection. And he looks so very handsome at the same time. Especially when he also wears the bandana that they lovingly included.

  81. Magdalena

    Recently my Tyson became the owner of a black halo. We are very happy with it. There are no adequate words to express how great the halo is. The bumping against the wall and furniture is over. We are soon changing the apartment and then the halo will literally be a blessing for my Tayson. I recommend the halo to all who want to improve the quality of life of their dog.

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