Muffin’s Legacy


As The Story Began…

In 2011, my precious 11-year-old toy poodle Muffin, went blind due to cataracts. I was devastated, since he kept bumping into walls and falling down the stairs. He became very depressed and was afraid to move around. I could not let him out of my sight and carried him around everywhere. I searched the internet extensively for solutions/assistance.

That was when I realized that there is a great need for a products to assist blind/visually impaired dogs, so I invented this aid for dog device/guide, “Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs ® ” that has changed his life, as well as mine. Muffin got to know his home again and he could travel with me to any hotel or friend’s house and get familiarized quickly in any new surroundings.

Inventing My Aid for Blind Dogs

In 2012, while I was inventing my aid for blind dog product, we discovered Muffin had a mass in his stomach. I consulted with multiple vets, changed his diet, and gave him daily iron supplements and medicine, hoping to reduce the mass. As a result, he was doing well and was more energetic.

During a follow up appointment to check on his mass, a certain Vet lacerated him internally by mistake, leaving Muffin dying on the operation table. Muffin had to have excessive amounts of blood transfusions and emergency surgery that cost me an excessive amount of money, but most importantly, great emotional distress. The Vet told me I had to prepare for the worse and that Muffin would probably not make it through the night (I still cry when I think about that day.) They feared his main artery was cut and that he could not survive this type of injury. I was petrified, devastated and in total disbelief.

As Muffin (who had recently gone blind and was traumatized in the ER with complete strangers) was in critical care fighting for his life, I was on my knees sobbing all night. I was surrounded by his bed, toys and clothes and pleaded to God to please give us a “Second Chance” and save my little guy. I promised in return, upon his recovery, Muffin and I would be of service and dedicate our lives to helping blind dogs.

My greatest prayer was answered and after many weeks of tender loving care, Muffin recovered and I have since worked on and developed “Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs ®” that is now global and available for other blind dogs too. I was stunned to find out how many dogs are abandoned or put down because they go blind. Muffin’s Halo offers them a second lease on life, with enhanced confidence and they all deserve to have one.

Muffin passed away on Dec 5th, 2015 at the age of 15.5. We built a strong legacy together that today has helped over 35,000 blind dogs lead a bump free with his Muffin’s Halo.

His sister, Chloe – our Supermodel malti-poo, was part of the team advocating for blind dogs. She traveled with us to many Trade Shows/Events around the world to spread the word about Muffin’s Halo. Chloe and Muffin loved being paraded around in their Petgear stroller. It was the three of us conquering the world for many years!

My beloved Chloe passed away on Sept 3rd, 2019 at the age of 16.5. She was deaf and visually impaired prior to her passing. My original 2 blind babies are together in heaven guiding us from above.

Muffin's Halo
Muffin and his original Muffin’s Halo Packaging 2012
Aid for blind dogs
Silvie, Chloe and Muffin 2012
Chloe and Muffin at trade show 2013
Supermodel Chloe in a Muffin’s Halo 2018

Introducing Prince….

In mid-June 2016, I was having dinner with a dear friend Tina Marie, telling her that I think Chloe needed a companion. She was so used to having Muffin by her side. My friend said, “When it is meant to be, the right dog will appear.”

The very next morning on my way to a business meeting with Chloe, I was sent a Facebook notification about a blind dog in need of a new home. His owner was suffering from lung cancer and her final wish was to find a loving home for her rescued blind poodle. Upon seeing this message, I immediately canceled my meeting and we drove several hours to meet him. Chloe look a liking to him immediately and was so happy!

Amazingly, I discovered that the sick woman’s name was Sylvia and her friends sometimes called her “Silvie”. She had rescued “Olaf” (who we re-named “Prince”) from the streets a few years before; she posted signs, but no one claimed him. After hearing all this, I knew in my heart without a doubt that Prince was meant to join our family.

Chloe and I already had plans to travel to a Pet Conference 2 days later. We brought Prince with us and he was a shining star navigating his way around wearing his Muffin’s Halo. It was as if Angel Muffin sent him to us, to continue his growing legacy for blind dogs. Prince is the sweetest boy and Chloe loved being with him. The three of us continued to voyage our way from event to event, creating a movement for blind dogs, until we lost our beloved Chloe.

In July 2019, unfortunately Prince contracted a sever MRSP staph infection from a dental procedure and also got T-Cell lymphoma. We were devastated to say the least. We got very lucky when we met Dr. Alice Villalobos who treated him with a holistic Immunotherapy protocol, that wiped out the infection and also got Prince into clinical remission in Feb 2020 at age 16. Everyday we have him with us, is a great blessing.

Prince 2017
Silvie, Prince and Chloe at SuperZoo 2017

Introducing Chloe Love aka Dolly-Face…

On June 15, 2019, Chloe Love aka Dolly-Face was a 16-year blind dog with cancer who was dumped at the shelter in a pretty dress with her ducky. She was so distraught. I rescued her via our non-profit organization, Second Chances For Blind Dogs and she lived with us for a couple of months. I made sure she was comfortable, ate lots of good food and was showered with love. She had a great time with us. When the pain got to be too much for her, she was lovingly assisted to the Rainbow Bridge with the dignity she deserved.

Blind Maltese Chloe Love in a red muffins halo harness
Chloe Love aka Dolly-Face 2019

Introducing Cinderella…

On July 7, 2019 Cinderella was rescued via Second Chances For Blind Dogs when she was owner surrendered for having neurological issues. Our feisty girl has been with us ever since. She loves to cuddle with our handsome Prince, every night. With good medication and surgery, she is a different dog today and much happier. She is both hearing and visually impaired as well. She is carrying on Supermodel Chloe’s legacy as an advocate and model for Muffin’s Halo.

Blind Maltipoo wears a muffins halo harness while in blue shirt
Cinderella 2019

Introducing Coco…

On Jan 23rd, I rescued Senior Diabetic Blind Dog Coco was East Valley Shelter. She was owner surrendered and in bad shape. She had untreated diabetes, heart problems, bladder infection, ear infection, eye infection and later discovered a mass on her liver. I got her all the treatments required for stabilization and ready for her furever home. She needs lots of care/maintenance and after a failed new home attempt, she remains here with us. Her mass has shrunk more than 50% and her diabetes is on the most part under the control. She loves walking around the house with her Muffin’s Halo. It boosts her confidence and the exercise reduces her sugar levels which is a big plus! She is a happy girl!

Blind diabetic poodle stands on grass while wearing muffins halo
Coco with her Muffin’s Halo 2020

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been on this special journey with all my treasured fur babies. We have assisted well over 35,000 blind dogs all over the world and could not be prouder of this accomplishment.

We also established our non-profit organization, called “Second Chances For Blind Dogs” that donates halos and medical/welfare assistance to blind dogs in need. To make a donation, please visit

Thank you for reading our LOVE story. We have devoted our lives to this mission, and we are very grateful to each and every one of you who has supported us along the way. I truly believe “Every Blind Dog Deserves A Muffin’s Halo” and it is my greatest wish to improve the lives of as many blind dogs as possible!

Blessings For Blind Dogs,
Silvie, Angel Muffin, Angel Chloe, Angel Chloe Love, Prince, Cinderella and Coco Bordeaux

Woman holds blind pups with muffins halo as they look at the camera
Coco with her Muffin’s Halo 2020

We have set up a non-profit called “Second Chances For Blind Dogs” that donates Muffin’s Halo to blind dogs in shelters and rescues to help them find their furever homes quickly.

To donate, please visit:

Today, Muffin’s Halo, my twice patented product for blind dogs that was custom designed and handcrafted in the USA is now on the market and blind dogs all over the world are wearing our halos!